“SafePet” FOR THE WIN!


My beautiful dog Kiara recently celebrated her 4th birthday! I wanted to give her something special since I missed her birthday last year while on a business trip. She always appreciates little treats and new tennis balls, but this time I wanted to take it to the next level. So, I started asking friends and fellow pet owners for ideas and something really special came up: an insurance program called SafePet by NHS!

I didn’t really know such a thing existed and at the beginning, I laughed. But then, I got my facts straight and realized that even if Kiara wouldn’t understand it, it would be the best money I could ever spend on her.

Safe Pet is a program for both cats and dogs (regardless of breed, sex or age), and it offers you 2 packages to choose from. Both of them offer you discounts on everything and anything you can think of: from surgeries to food to dog training or simple vaccinations. Also, there is a generous list of freebies for your pet. The best part is that there is a 24/7 hotline that you can call for any kind of assistance regarding your pet, such as: an emergency, booking a VET appointment or just to get some advice from qualified trainers on how to care or co-exist under the same roof with a 4 legged companion. Did I mention free training classes, grooming and check-ups?

I put pen to paper and saw that the amount of money I save for a 40kg Rottweiler is outrageous. And in case you’re wondering (because the program is brand new), there is more than one affiliated doctor in every area, at your service. To learn more about Safe Pet click here…the same people (God bless) that helped me choose a program, will do the same for you.

If you share the belief that dogs and cats are not just pets but they are family, the best advice I could give you would be to get Safe Pet ASAP! I only wish somebody told me earlier, so I guess… you’re welcome!

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