1. TripAdvisor – In case (God forbid) you haven’t downloaded it yet, you definitely should! Original reviews from actual people about travel-related content. Before you book any hotel, before entering any restaurant that you might find attractive, give it a search and see what others have to say about it. Depending on its rating, you’ll know whether it’s a yay or a nay.
  2. Hotel Tonight – My cuzzo JB from the states, recently recommended this app to me and I might say it is lifesaving…or actually money saving! It offers last minute deals on hotels worldwide. More $ in your pocket equals more shopping, I guess.
  3. Pack Point – If you are the type of traveler that makes lists to remember what to pack, this one will do the work for you. Depending on the activities you choose, the weather at your destination and the length of the trip, Pack Point will organize your essentials for you.
  4. HERE WeGo – You all know Google Maps, right? And you should also know the hassle when you are in a foreign country and you need WiFi or the ridiculous roaming charges in order to navigate. NO MORE. With this one, you can download the map of the country you’ll be visiting and you have an effortless navigation without (yup) the need of internet connection.


There. Now you know my secrets. Download them now and thank me after your next vacay. Did I mention that they are all FREE?

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