Is there anyone out there who never EVER took a quiz? By quiz, I don’t mean math quiz, even if I am sent one every now and then. By quiz I mean those ridiculously entertaining, yet stupid, quizzes, such as “We Know Your Exact Age Based On Your Chicken Nugget Choices” or those fun personality quizzes that pop up your Facebook feed every once in a while.

Well I myself should be checked into rehab since I browse google to find the weirdest of them all!! If you share the same addiction, you’ll find the following list rather entertaining.


1) How Old You Are – I got “You are in your 30s” which is accurate :)


2) Would Jon Snow Want You? – of course I tried it! And the answer was.. “Definitely” ! You know it!


3) Which Witch Are You? – I got “Ursula from ‘The Little Mermaid’. Crafty and creative, you’ll make use of the resources you have to make your opponents suffer”. Ooops!


4) What Is Your Hidden Mutant Power? – As a Marvel fanatic, I had to take this quiz! Happy to announce you can call me Jean Grey! In details.. “Telekinesis.You alone are arguably the most powerful mutant in existence. While caring and a team player, you have a dark side that renders you unpredictable at times. Your intentions are mostly for the good, and you put yourself in the line of fire to protect your friends.” That’s me my friends <3


5) Which Greek God/Goddess Are You? – I got “Zeus! You are the king of the gods, the god of sky and weather, law, order and fate”. Badass!


6) The Idiot Test – Looks like I’m a genius. But the test is completely stupid. So stupid you have to take it :p


7) Who is your celebrity soulmate? – Beware Penelope.. Javier Bardem is my soulmate according to this one.


Let me know what your results were and if you find a stupid and age appropriate enough new quiz, send it over! I’d love to take it! #ProperWasteOfTime





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