I met Ana a month ago when I was searching for a photographer for the blog. So how did I find her? I posted my ad to a group of international expats and she was one of the few Serbians to respond. I got a feeling that she would be the one and my instinct was right. And guess what?! She comes from the same city as my husband, Alex AND her grandpa was best friends with his grandpa! What a small world, ey? Oh, and I forgot to mention, she is amazingly talented, sweet, humble and an overall great person to work with! Find out more below, straight from the source:


1) Who are you, what on earth are you doing in my blog?? JUST KIDDING! Hi Ana and thanks for this interview! Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

“Oh man, I always hated this part, I sound so silly to myself. Soooo, I’m Ana Danilović, I’m 25 and I’m actually cinematographer by education, but I never did it as much as I do photography and I’ve been doing it for almost ten years now! Aside from that, I’m a digital marketing freak; I work in a digital agency too.”


2) What inspired you to choose photography?What type of photography do you enjoy the most?

“Photography first grabbed my attention sometime back in high school, when I was around 16. I think that it interested me because it seemed like it was both a creative and a fun way to express my emotions without using words – plus, I was too lazy to draw and paint! When I bought my first camera it felt like a whole new world had been opened up to me, with a bunch of possibilities and endless potential. I know it sounds kinda cliché, but that’s how it happened.”

“I prefer, (sigh), fine art photography but I also like any kind that involves staging and storytelling – anything but fashion ;). I often experiment with different types – I’m currently hooked on analogue photography, which I didn’t like much in the past, but I generally like photographing people. That’s my thing.”


3) So, Ana, now that you’ll be joining NIKOZA, I have to ask… How do you feel about travel photography and travel in general?

“My experience in travel photography is not extensive, that’s probably why I’m so excited about this adventure. I actually really enjoy it, I just haven’t had the proper opportunity to practice it as much as I’d like to professionally. Prior to joining Nikoza, I have collaborated with a popular French magazine called Roaditude, which I love love love and recommend to any French-speaking reader.”

“As for travel, who doesn’t like it?! I mean seriously, new places, fresh faces (unintentional rhyme), different cuisines & languages, exciting cultures…I even like getting lost whilst traveling – which I always somehow do. I simply love all of the experiences that you get out of a journey, even the bad ones; they make a great story once they’re in the past.”


4) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

“Hmmmm…that’s a tough one. I’d have to go with Seattle. I’ve lived there for some time and I completely fell in love with that city, its energy, its nature and its spirit. It combines that typical American-urban culture with astonishing nature nearby. On top of this, the locals are quite amazing – the best people I’ve met in the States, for sure.”


5) Something that you wish to get a picture of in the near future?

“THE Beach! One beach, two beaches, ten beaches.. I don’t care as long as it’s a beach! Can we always go to a beach? You know… for “work” :)”


6) Whose work do you admire the most and is your inspiration?

“Jan Saudek is my favorite photographer ever! His work is super weird and I L-O-V-E him. I also like Annie Leibowitz, but only her early work. I admire many photographers – I’m not even sure if I know the names of them all, but there are inspiring people all over the world. I get excited and positively influenced by someone’s work on a daily basis.”


7) Have you ever collaborated with any celebrities? Which one is your favorite and why?

“Umm, yes. I actually started off as a concert photographer and if you name any alternative Serbian musician, there’s a good chance I took their photos at some point. But, my favorite collaboration would have to be Marčelo, for whom I even made a music video for and worked with on many projects. I’ll also have to include the guys from Dubioza Kolektiv. There are so many celebrities that I’ve worked with, but I don’t really like name-dropping. ;)”


8) Since your not telling any juicy gossip, I have to change the topic! Tell us, where do you see yourself and your career in 10 years?

“Well, You know the drill, don’t kiss‘n’tell! Haha!
Anyway, I’m so scared of this question. Probably the most hopeful answer is: in Berlin, as a successful photographer, with some handsome guy and a beagle.”


9) Ooo, sounds perfect! OK Ana, so last question. I have seen pretty “nasty” comments on your Facebook account (rather entertaining might I add) about us, bloggers! Any piece of advice to avoid becoming the subject of your statuses in the future?!

“Hahaha, you saved the best for last! No, seriously, if anyone checks my Facebook profile, they’ll probably find a lot of status updates and they’re usually my point of view on some social phenomena with a sense of humor. You might even find my so-called “family episodes” (even my mum likes these posts).”

“In my defense, I don’t have anything against bloggers. I love blogs; I read some of them religiously. You must be referring to that time when I said: “most of the influential or influential-wannabe girls have a photo of a cactus on their Instagram”, right? Oh, btw, if someone knows what’s the deal with that, please tell me, I feel like I’m missing out on something. :)
But seriously, just be creative and original and you’ll be status-free for life. Honest approach, good writing, sense of humor and nice pictures are what’s keeping the readers. I think you’re good; no cactus = no worries!!”



Follow Ana’s work and contact her for collaboration on her Facebook and Instagram accounts.



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