Planning on visiting Greece anytime soon? How about a short course before you visit the motherland of Western civilization? We Greeks, appreciate it when you try to speak our language – so much, it might even get you a free drink or a discount.


So, what’s a better idea than to teach you some?! Here’s a small list of all the important words and phrases you need to impress a Greek.


Yásas = “Hello”

Adío = “Goodbye”

Efharistó = “Thank you”

Parakaló = “Please” AND “You’re welcome”

Signómi = “I’m sorry” AND “Excuse me”

Ti kánis? = “How are you?” AND “What are you doing?”

Póso káni? = “How much is it?”



“Horiatiki Salata”

Kaliméra = “Good morning”

Kalispéra = “Good evening”

Kaliníhta = “Good night”

To logariasmó parakaló = “The bill please”

Thélo éna café / neró / potó = “I want a coffee / water / drink”

Yámas = “Cheers”

Miláo líga Elliniká = “I speak some Greek”

Se agapó = “I love you”

(Ise) polí ómorfi / ómorfos = “(You are) very pretty (f.)/ Handsome”

Páme sti thálassa? = “Shall we go to the beach?”

Kalíteri timí parakaló = “Can I get a better price please?”

Thélo éna taxí = “I need a cab”

Agapó tin Elláda = “I love Greece”


All you have to do now is book a ticket to Greece and enjoy our amazing beaches this summer, while impressing us with your language skills! 😉


Here’s a post that can help you decide which island is best to hit: 7 MUST-SEE GREEK ISLANDS.


You’re welcome :)




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