A month ago I’d say…

Being a woman isn’t always easy. Now… Imagine being a woman with a sh*tty skin complexion, mild acne and super-sensitive skin. Also, imagine being obsessed with traveling, food and animals too. My lifestyle has a bad effect in my skin – weather change, animals & different cuisines = allergies, dry skin & pimples! And finally, try to find a couple of products to help treat your skin while not spending a fortune! #DramaOfMyLife”



What I say now…

I say that I have found the perfect beauty products that not only match my skin, but also my lifestyle and beliefs! They are cruelty free – no animals involved in testing, 100% natural, good quality, affordable, made in Greece and tailored to my needs! I’m talking about La Vie en Rose – quite a new brand owned by a gorgeous lady named Dimitra who I find really inspiring. She is well educated, creative, very very talented, and her products are unique. #WomenEmpowerment


What my friends say…

Well, before I shared my skin secret with you, I shared it with my friends and they’ve only had good things to say! Our beauty nights aka PJs, mud masks, messy hair and chit chat, are an epic weekly happening.


Why I share it with you…

For several reasons, but let me name 3.

  1. Because they are genuinely good and I’ve struggled for years finding something like that. I’ve spent a lot of money on useless popular brands that had no effect on my skin.
  2. Because Dimitra is a doll and such a humble and decent person who cares about her clients and constantly gives away gifts that are ideal for each individual with each purchase. I feel that this world needs more people like her and I should praise her for all the good she does.
  3. Because you are my support and each one of you reading this post is helping me reach my goals and grow my business so, why wouldn’t I return the favor by helping you acquire a happier skin?


Did you know…?

  • La Vie en Rose has launched a perfect gift set for men with beards! I got it for my hubby and he absolutely loves it.
  • While other brands use preservatives, something that allows a long expiration date hence more time in stock and not as good for your skin, La Vie en Rose use none. Instead they invest in pioneer packaging and more expensive natural ingredients.


How do I know all this…?

When you go to one of their two shops in Athens, call them, or shoot them an email, they will fill you in with all the details. They also ask you questions before suggesting a product (i.e. skin type, creams you’ve used in the past etc.). I’m telling you, rare professionalism, you’ll get obsessed too!


Get all the news via their Facebook and Instagram and definitely pay a visit to their website – guaranteed you’ll find something that fits!


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