Hello there, it’s been a while since we last heard from each other AND so many things have happened in the past few weeks. The reason why I haven’t written for so long is because both my laptops have broken down simultaneously- I know, I’m so unlucky 🙄

Seriously, out of the blue, I woke up one day and neither of them wanted to turn on. Turns out that the battery’s dead in one of them and needs to be replaced, and the other one has a serious issue with the hard disk and will expect the results back from the “doctor” soon ! :)


There’s more though! I’ve moved back to Greece! (or at least I’m here for the next three months) I’m excited since I’ve already arranged several visits to our beautiful islands! You can expect a lot of guides in the blog and cool pictures in both Facebook and Instagram.
I’m also searching for a new photographer, Greece based, so in case you hear anything let me know!
In other news, and as you’ve probably seen in my social media, I’ve been to Venice!!! Where I got robbed!! I was the victim of a kleptomaniac that ampng other things of great value, stole a pack of ciggrettes, my lighter and my perfume from  me! Like, WTF?!? Who does that?
Never mind, I have a whole post coming up about that where I’ll be explaining in detail the horrible experience I went through, including the suspect.. but first, let me give the hotel a chance to make it up to me before I spoil their reputation.
On the bright side.. the whole robbery thing happened in Venice where my husband and I spent a romantic extended weekend. Oh how we loved Venice!  …but not for the reasons you might think. That’s why I have another post coming up about Venice, what other guides don’t tell you and the reasons why it’s cool!
I’ve also started the gym and the “eat clean” movement so please avoid tempting me with food pictures, ice cream posts and tasty videos because eat clean means barely surviving! LOL! I’m a major foodie, show some support people!
Anyway, what’s up with you? What have you been doing in the past month? Where are you going this summer? Leave a word and let me know what you been up to lately!


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