You and I have something in common: WE LOVE TRAVELING! All the lovely places in the world waiting for us to explore! Ah!!

But when you travel, you should try to avoid supporting wrong causes and even worse, industries that involve animal mistreatment.

Pet owners or not, you should respect animals and have, what I like to call, travel ethic, consciousness, awareness – whatever you like to call it – regarding the activities involving animals while you travel.

There are so many great things you can do, without negatively affecting our friends of all types and sizes.

Here are the things that I’d recommend you should avoid at all costs, no matter how good the idea might seem at the time.


  • Zoos and marine parks – it’s a no.
    Animals in cages and sea creatures in small pools? Is that your thing? Animals belong IN the wild and their natural habitats, not in cages. Dolphins and whales are not meant to dance for us or do funny tricks to entertain your children. I’d recommend you to watch “The Cove” before you think about visiting a marine park. Go to a safari, visit Africa, go to an animal rescue park that protects injured and endangered species, a sanctuary. Just skip the zoo. Seeing animals in their natural habitat is much better than seeing them in cages. Plus you get to travel more!


  • Bullfights – HELL NO.
    The fact that bullfights are still happening in 2017 makes me wonder, where is this world going? They are wrong, cruel and barbaric. Killing for fun? What kind of tradition is that?! So wrong, especially because it happens in the “civilized” part of the world.. Smh. No. Just no. A poor, unfed and injured bull against some @$$holes with swords and sticks? At least karma gets back to them once in a while.


  • Do not buy animal tested products – buy cruelty-free only.
    It’s quite easy. All you have to do is take a look at the packaging of the product and make sure it has the correct stamp. Animals that are used for testing products are going through terrible pain and kept in labs for all their short life. Would you like to be part of that torture?


  • Do not litter the environment.
    It is like littering someone’s home. Animals, insects, birds and fish, they all live out there. Use the garbage bins as they are intended for, and do not throw your waste in the environment. You wouldn’t throw a chewed gum on your bedroom floor, would you?


  • Do not purchase products made from endangered species or any other animal-made souvenirs for that matter.
    Ivory trade is unfortunately a thriving business. The pictures online are hard-core; educate yourself before buying something made out of elephant tusks. Please, buy a post card, a t-shirt or take plenty of pictures instead.


  • Do not take pictures with wild animals.
    They are usually drugged and sedated. And yes, this business only exists because there are ignorant people who would love a picture with a stoned tiger or a lion cub. Again, go on Safari instead. Trust me you’ll have so much fun!


  • Do not ride them either.
    Well, duh…. Elephants are meant to live in the wild. They are intelligent animals that are not here for you to sit on them and take selfies to post on Instagram. W.T.F. Do you have any idea what they’ve been through in order to do that? Do your research before riding them and if you still have the stomach for it afterwards, well… have fun.


  • Pet a stray.
    A little TLC can make a huge difference. Animals do have feelings so yes, pet a stray once in a while, no matter which country you’re in. You’ll give it a great boost and brighten its day.


  • Spread the word.
    Share this post or any other related post to your profile. Start a conversation and bring up this subject while having coffee with your friends. Talk to your mum about it. Some people just never realize that their actions, or something considered to be a fun activity, has such a negative impact on the animals. All you have to do is let them know! So spread the word.

Travel responsibly y’all!



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