Hey beautiful people! How are you today? You know me, I’m generally a fun and happy person but lately something’s been bothering me and I just needed to get it out off chest and share it with you.


I’m sick and tired of the exaggeration on any level. It should be quality over quantity. Nowadays it seems fashionable, for example, to order a gigantic slice of pizza or a ginormous 12-patty burger. But, what’s the point of it despite the overwhelming feeling of sickness afterwards; that’s IF you manage to consume it.



The final drop, and what led me to write this article, was a video of a 2,2KG milkshake I came across. What on earth? Why?


Oh right… I forgot. It’s all about Instagram, isn’t it? You gotta be instacool, instafamous, instaGiveMeABreak. I know so many people who have fallen into that trap. Ordering stuff just because it’s nice for Instagram! Paying for macarons even though they hate their taste… but you know… They’re Instagram’s favorite sweet, so……. 😉

On the other hand, same goes with travel blogging! It seems to be the newest trend, making me ashamed to even say I am “one of them”.  Every other post is titled “How I managed to quit my 9-5 job and travel the world” or “Get paid to travel”. Spoiler alert: they lie. Or at least they say half-truths.


Yes you can make money EVENTUALLY. But….Those posts are either some stupid pyramid schemes or they mostly say that you need to work as a nanny abroad or an English teacher in a forgotten village somewhere in China and then somewhere in Thailand – yada-yada-yada, or basically start your own travel blog. I won’t bother explaining why the first two apply to mostly young and qualified people with no immediate plans of starting a family. I won’t even comment on the pyramid schemes that also require you to pay first – then struggle to find more people in order to get your investment plus a small profit back and also become that person we all hate when they call us. I will just tell you about travel blogging because this is what I know and do.
You cannot make money out of travel blogging if you do not invest first. 


Invest in trips, in a website, in social media, in brand awareness, invest in growing your numbers.
Are you the person that thinks that travel blogging or any kind of blogging is easy and just because Lauren Bullen & Jack Morris can do it, you can do it too, by just taking cool pics?



Don’t think like that! Don’t just be a mediocre, hobbyist blogger because you’re saturating the industry. If you’re gonna be a blogger, treat it as a business and profession by actually putting out good work and investing your time and money into it as you would any business. Don’t let the trend of the year seduce you. Don’t do that globe tattoo on your wrist or try to go to every city in the world just to say you went – go wherever you truly enjoy, even if that means returning to the same city over and over again. It won’t make you less cool. It will make you genuine and true to yourself!

My advice? Find something you are really passionate about it and do that! If that is blogging, then I am happy to help and share everything I’ve learned so far with you! By all means, don’t hesitate to contact me.



Bare in mind:
All things that happen repeatedly, get boring, lose their charm, and become harmful! A 12-scoop sundae does absolutely no good to you – on the contrary. Another average travel blog with blurry pictures is everything but charming. And for the love of God, another “How to Contour like Kim Trashdashian” is old news!


You know what we need in life? Παν μέτρον άριστον” – moderation is the best thing.

That said, even if most bloggers have started doing videos, I try and keep delivering good pictures instead. I will keep my private parts private. I will keep writing reviews only for good products and not just any product even if that means less clients. And finally, I will keep traveling the way I do. With comfort, whenever life allows me to and in the places I want and not those that are “cool” each year.
And hopefully you’ll appreciate it!



Kindly share your thoughts whether you agree or disagree – maybe you have a different perspective and I would definitely like to hear it.



  • Amazing post! I really like the way that you’re thinking and you’re so right! I hate that so talented bloggers are being fake just for their success and a good looking Instagram feed.

  • Kaustubh says:

    Acting fake in the name of being a successful blogger can get an individual temporary success but not permanent class. You seem to fall in the second category which is why I have been looking up to your posts lately.great job

  • Kate says:

    I really like this! I am becoming sick and tired of so many travel blogs, to be honest with you. They seem to be oversaturated with boring and cliched articles that don’t really add value to anyone’s life or reflect the personality of the writer! I also am sick of so many people pitching the idea that making money through blogging or while travelling is easy and accessible for everyone, because it really isn’t! I really appreciate you being open and honest about this stuff, because someone has to be! We need to stop all pretending that just because you can write something, that you should. You should really be producing something that adds value to the world in my opinion!

  • Tahnee says:

    I feel This!! My most liked pictures on Insta though are my ‘real’ ones with no makeup etc. This g9es to show none of the excess is actually needed. A great post thanks for sharing

  • Many true things, especially for people on Instagram. Today Internet is oversaturated with bloggers on many different topics. Great article!

  • Globejamun says:

    There is so much honesty oozing out of this post! We were just discussing how to take awesome pictures without actually exposing body parts. Amazing post, keep them coming

  • those burgers with 8 beef patties and 2 bricks of cheese is not appealing at all. Everyone’s here to put on a show they can’t sustain

  • Lisa says:

    I feel like this post tells us a bit more about you! Genuine content and opinions are what keeps people coming back- This is you. Trends are just that, quick and over- I forget those. Keep you coming!!

  • Balt says:

    Well when its come to my photographic work i dont want to be moderate i want to show the best quality because that is me. But of course in my writing i always be myself and as genuine i can be. 😀

  • Mercy (Zen Maud) says:

    You had me chuckling! Yes, to being true to oneself! I had no clue that travel blogging also had a pyramid scheme…that must be so frustrating. I definitely agree that quality supersedes quantity in the long run. It does take more work and longer to get acknowledged, but I’ve come to believe that once you stick to creating real value (because it’s something you are passionate about) the rewards will come, eventually. It just requires lots of patience, focus, and commitment.

  • Matt says:

    You’re proper right. With my set up I spend a lot of time reading blogs and thinking ‘what are you even doing with a keyboard’. Then I’ll see they have a media pack or work with me sections. Then I think, wow, they must be really good, then I remember it’s all BS smoke and mirrors stuff.
    One huge issue with the saturation of bloggers is that it’s killing the business. So many people willing to write for ‘exposure’ quality travel writers find it hard to get paid. Same thing has happened with photography. Anyway, rant over, I have to go and eat, that burger picture made me hungry.

  • Abhinav says:

    Thoughtful and glad that you could serve it to all. Doing justice to what you do and to make an impression on people are two different things. I feel a lot of people live just for social media and their presence on it. I continue to believe, quality work is still valued and appreciated and apparently, hard work never gives instant success, it gives delayed but prolonged one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • kristal says:

    This is so real. So many times I have been on other blogger pages and can tell they are being fake or uncomfortable in the outfit they are showing off. I love your blog it is really nice and down to earth. More natural.

  • sarah says:

    Your message is on point here! The internet is cluttered with garbage these days. Everyone is putting up a show that isn’t real because it’s the new “trend” that will get you followers, make you money, etc. People need to take some points from this post and start being genuine.

  • sonali jain says:

    This is so true and people are actually doing this whether its Instagram or blogging but quality is Alwyn gonna get higher priority over quantity. That slight difference is the thing that makes you “YOU”. Copying is no fun!

  • This is definitely one of the saddest things that has happened to the blogosphere. It has lost its authenticity. Many have also forgotten the importance of quality. It just gives blogging a bad name.

    Thanks for putting this out there.

  • Very True Niki! While I appreciate the fact that you have taken time out to put this post, I should also say that the ones who are in it for a short term buck will eventually fade away. As your righly say, no one talks about the investment required to be a travel blogger from body, mind and money.

  • Anna says:

    I really like this post. I agree that we should remin genuine, but at the same time we need to adjust to the world around us (well, to some extent and as long as we are ourselves).

  • Marine Lucas says:

    I love when you speak your mond like this ! that’s why I love you blog, I can tell it’s all from the heart !

  • Amen to this! Someone had to say it …

    Authenticity is everything.

  • Mary says:

    Thank you for writing this! Before I started blogging a few months ago, I read through so many sites that claimed great things but provided very little advice. It was hard to find sites that really gave concrete suggestions.

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