Da li ste ikada bili u problemu da morate da izaberete jednu stvar od mnogih koje vam se podjednako sviđaju? Jednostavne ili više komplikovane stvari, kao recimo koje cipele obući za neki izlazak ili koji restoran izabrati za svadbu? Koji ukus sladoleda izabrati ili u kom hotelu spavati tokom medenog meseca? Ili čak biranje fakulteta ili neke investicije.



Ako jeste, onda vas potpuno razumem.



Ako ste čitali moje novogodišnje rezolucije, videli ste da sam između ostalog rešila ove godine da posetim neku egzotičnu destinaciju. Žao mi je što nisam tada bila preciznija jer sada moram da biram KOJU destinaciju.



Ispostavilo se da je ovo jedna užasno teška odluka i nemojte da mi se smejete! Svet je prepun fascinantno lepih mesta a zbog profesije mog muža, jedva uspevamo da spojimo 4 dana za neko putovanje i odmaranje. A ne bih da idem na prvo egzotično putovanje bez njega.


Mexican Food

Ono što znam je da možemo da idemo ovog Novembra. Pa je prvo što sam uradila, proverila koja mesta imaju toplu klimu i lepo vreme u to doba godine. I spisak je naravno dugačak…



  1. Tahiti – skupo, bukgalovi na vodi, fenomenalne plaže
  2. Maldivi – isto kao i Tahiti ali ovi polako propadaju!
  3. Mauricijus – opet…plaže, mir, prelepo
  4. Šri Lanka – čaj, slonovi, delfini, leopardi
  5. Meksiko – tekila, meksička hrana, žurke
  6. Šejšeli – skupo ali su plaže da rikneš
  7. Kenija – safari, žirafe, slonovi <3
  8. Tajland – jeftino, dobra klopa, majmuni, masaže, plaže
  9. Kuba – tompusi, rum, Karibi, stara kola
  10. Bali – ronjenje, plaže, hramovi


Jel vidite? I kako sad ja da se odlučim?


Sri Lanka

Ok, ako uzmemo u obzir cene…za putovanje koje će možda biti jednom u životu, to nije važno, zar ne? Aranžmani preko agencija su od prilike slične za sve destinacije i ostaje nam da platimo izlete i hranu. 100 evra gore-dole za takvo putovanje i nije presudno.



I nemojte da me pitate šta želim najviše da vidim jer je upravo to moj najveći problem. Hoću da vidim sve! Htela bih da obiđem sve gore navedene destinacije i više od toga. Ali put od toliko hiljada kilometara se počinje prvim korakom…pa vas pitam, koji prvi korak da napravim?



Vi koji ste bili na nekim od ovih destinacija, molim vas napišite neki komentar. Vaša pomoć bi mi sada puno značila!



39s komentara

  • marine каже:

    there’s no way I can help you decide, they’re all so amazing ! I wanna go everywhere !

  • Mercy (Zen Maud) каже:

    Thailand is certainly an adventure and prices for most things from hotels, to public transport, to food are very low. I live in Cambodia, come visit if you make it to Thailand! Lol.

  • Echoesofhervoice каже:

    Beautiful pictures. Now I want to do some traveling. Thank you for taking the time out to share!!E

  • Kirti каже:

    I can feel your pain, when you want to cover so much in so less time :(
    Your list is great but you can further scrutinize this as Tahiti/Maldives are almost similar w.r.t to water bungalows and beaches .. and Tahiti is insanely expensive I think. so You can choose Maldives over Tahiti else, I think Bali is also a very good option. I have been there, it’s very therapeutic , good vibes kinda place.. not for someone who loves adventure! Let me know if I can help you any further to plan your vacation <3

    • NIKI каже:

      oh thank you for that! I will be bored if i’m only relaxing for 7 days! I want some adventure! A safari or scuba diving or monkey feeding or wash an elephant in a sanctuary! And I appreciate nice food :) Note that I have a sensitive stomach and I would like to avoid food poisoning so places that I run a risk for it should be excluded! LOL

  • Kaustubh каже:

    Hey there…i can clearly see your dilemma in choosing that PERFECT destination.however, i would suggest you sri lanka because excluding the economic factor(pretty cheap) you would also get to explore a whole new culture of the sinhalese people out there. And yea, since it’s an island, trying out some lip-smacking fishes is a mandatory objective fr a tourist.but u can always set your preferences and decide a place which suits you the best.
    I guess w dont need a homing pigeon now lol

  • Anna каже:

    Those are incredible places, no wonder it is difficult to choose. I guess what it has to be done is going to each of these places one at a time ;-). Recently I have my eyes on Sri Lanka, but as a travel blogger, all of those places are on my list.

  • Konstantinos каже:

    If I could, I would like to visit all of them. Haha. But Cuba is one of my dream destinations. Maybe not so much „exotic“ as the rest of the ones shown here, but I like the fact that is such a unique country. Sri Lanka seems nice as well, and I would suggest Madagascar too.

  • Lisa Krisman каже:

    Oh wow! So many wonderful choices. I have been to Thailand and would recommend it. I stayed on the island of Koh Samui for 1 month and then another 2 weeks the following year. Gorgeous place, kind spiritual people and good food. I have always wanted to see the Maldives and Bali. So I am partial to saying for you to seriously consider them as well:)

    • NIKI каже:

      Thank you Lisa! Thailand is one of the top 3 after reviewing all of them. Though I think if we go, we’ll do Phuket and Phi-Phi and maybe some other smaller islands around if we have time! Have you ever been to those?

  • Kasia каже:

    OMG all these places sound amazing. I would absolutely love to see Seychelles, Bali and the Maldives (since they’re disappearing) and Bora Bora to add to that list. I’m actually supposed to be saving $$$$ for Bora Bora but so far it’s going slow.

  • Brooke каже:

    I don’t know how you could possibly choose. So many beautiful places. I’d go with Sri Lanka but that’s just me. Can’t fail with any choice.

  • Globejamun каже:

    My god ur list is awesome… I would do Cuba or Tahiti. Truly exotic… the others have been common and loads of ppl do

  • Abhinav каже:

    Account for travel time as well before your final decision, given you usually have 4 odd days.. I think being smart with the choice will help, like Sri Lanka and Maldives can be done together, not much of travel time, but you may have to check flight timing. Similarly, Seychelles and Mauritius can be clubbed. Like many people do Santorini and Mykonos ;). If you decide to go to Thailand, you can again explore a few islands to get more adventure. Kenya and Tanzania is good for safaris. They two best wildlife parks, Serengeti and Masai Mara, It should be fun. Animals there may extinct before islands go down 😉 given the rate the humans are exploding. All the best with your final decision.

    • NIKI каже:

      hahahaa! I can solve that with some pills!

      True, I can combine 2 destinations together! You have also added another serious point to think of.. animals :) Thanks!

  • Jen каже:

    I’ve been to Mexico and the food is amazing like you say, and I’m heading to Cuba this September! Other than that can’t speak to many of the other destinations yet but a safari in Kenya looks like a great adventure!

  • Tahnee каже:

    I need a holiday 😭😭😭😭😭 thanks for sharing I’m feeling inspired xx

  • cities to visit каже:

    i love your blog and always like new things coming up from it.

  • Jelena каже:

    Well, here’s the thing – it’s not just a 100 euro up or down decision…it’s far more than that. The Seychelles, Mauritius, and Mexico can cost you over 2000 euros per person if you’re going from Europe, whereas Thailand and Sri Lanka can be done for less than 1000 per person. I would definitely suggest looking at travel agencies that do adventure trips – there’s a few in Serbia that are really good. It may end up being far cheaper to go with a travel group than to do it on your own with your hubby. Like, if you decide to go with the African safari trip then you can do Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar in one trip (although 17 days long). There are also other truly amazing destinations you can look at which are not as well-known but equally fascinating – Kiribati, Staniel Cays (Exuma Cays), Vietnam, Phillippines…. now I’m just making your decision even harder 😀

    • NIKI каже:

      Thank you for your comment!! All the trips mentioned above are max 7-8 days duration and between 1200-1500 per person! At least from the agencies I have checked.. and they include the hotels, transportation, some tours and in cases some meals. It is hard to find a travel group since our „demands“ are very specific for each destination and we want to get it right our very first time. Also, there are 6 more friends/couples/family members that are joining but the agencies in Greece consider „group“ to be above 12 people (bummer). I’m dying to visit Vietnam at some point and other alternative and not so touristic exotic destinations BUT I thought it’d be wiser (since it’ll be a first for all of us), to go somewhere „tested“ and „approved“ by many if you get what I mean. Don’t want any surprises lol! Where have you been so far and which one would you recommend? <3

  • Ivona каже:

    Omigod, please Madagascar! Please please Madagascar! And you can hide me in one of your suitcases…or put me in Kiara’s kettle…! :)

    You guys should totally do Zanzibar… he he

  • Katchutravels каже:

    Niki. I usually use Skyscanner or Google Flights to help me decide a destination based on the price of flights for the date I need visually. Then it just comes to experiences. Some times its best to pick a lot out of the 10 places and just go. Travel and exploration is important, more than the process of deciding where to go. Its really not a once in a life time decision. People travel to merge real life into fantasy and its all in the mind. My advice. Pick a place and get going :-). If you want a place nevertherless, I chose Sri Lanka for you.

  • Balt каже:

    You should add Malaysia and Indonesia in your list! 😀

  • Travel with Alaine каже:

    I was just in Phuket a couple weeks ago for a few days of beach R&R. It was really beautiful! I highly recommend Surin Beach Resort (with Ocean view) – its affordable and very modern. The beach is just below and there isn’t so much foot traffic like Patong Beach so you can relax but its also not remote so you’re not stuck with staying in the resort.
    I’ve been to Bali twice and had different experiences both times since I stayed in different areas (Ubud and Seminyak). I’d recommend checking out Ubud if you’re into temples and yoga.

  • neca каже:

    Dodi u Roge.

  • Stam каже:

    i was thinking of all those place and i made my choice for this November! Thailand is the place! Τα λεμε εκει :ρ

  • narem каже:

    You should add India too, here you will find beautiful beaches, historical places, foods n manymore :)

  • Melissa каже:

    Oh man! Unfortunately I think your information here has just made me want to travel more!! Haha I’m no help!

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