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  • Kirti каже:

    Amazing pictures. I agree, the Great Sphinx is a master piece in itself! Also, I also thought that the pyramids are straight traiangles .. never knew that they built like stairs. Thanks to you for spreading the awareness. Looks like you had a great time.

  • swikriti каже:

    what a beautiful masterpiece !! pictures are so amazing .Excellent write up

  • Monika каже:

    I TOTALLY agree about what you wrote about claustrophobia. When \i entered the pyramid, \i felt so sick, and fainted. Probably one of the worst experiences of my travels and…it was not worth it. I hated the mess outside, tones (literally: TONES) of blue plastic bottles. How can people be so ignorant about national heritage? Can’t understand that…

  • Lisa каже:

    Since I was a young girl watching discovery shows on Egypt, I have always wanted to visit Giza. Your pictures are fabulous! It is good of you to care about the animals and Your advice on finding the right ones to pay to ride are helpful.

  • Sarah каже:

    What an awesome experience to be among all that ancient history. That’s horrible they treat the animals that way but I’m not surprised – Human rights is still an evolving process in the region so I don’t expect them to treat animals any better.

  • Kasia каже:

    What an amazing experience. I felt like I was there with you. It’s been my dream to see the pyramids and the Sphinx for so long now. I don’t feel to safe going to Egypt right now but I pray to the universe that soon I will be able to see it with my own eyes. I need to. Thanks for your so very helpful tips. I’m making a mental note of them.

  • Kelly Iverson каже:

    This was a super helpful post (if I ever visit the pyramids) though why does it not surprise me that underfed and thirsty animals are used to carry tourists around … literally the worst type of person is one who exploits animals, I will never understand! Anyway, if I ever visit I will definitely be using this article.

  • Matt каже:

    Lovely piece, I can tell you really enjoyed it, a life goal achieved and the pictures are amazing, I particularly love the on of the back of the camels head and the one of the Sphinx and the Pyramid. Awesome. It does sound like a lot of sites in poorer countries, where there are tourists there are scam artists, but it seems you had the right attitude to enjoy. Normally you can get a good feel for a person by the way they interact with you, if they just want to scam you or if they genuinely appreciate a bit of help. Sounded very much like Angkor Watt in that respect.

  • Daneisha каже:

    These are such beautiful photos! I can’t even imagine how amazing your trip was. I feel like I needed to be there to really experience it!


  • Tahnee каже:

    Such a great post Niki! I like the tips for tourists as we all wear our rose tinted glasses when on holiday but I’ll take these on board for sure. Thanks for sharing a great post xx

  • Ajay chander каже:

    i dont find any chance to visit your place so far , but if i have given , i never wanted to miss that !

  • Jelena Athanasiou каже:

    Amazing photos and even more amazing post! I love the tips that you wrote, since those are really useful stuff to know when going to Egypt. I hope that some Egyptians didn’t offer to Alex to buy you from him for ten camels, because I heard that they do that 😀 😛

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