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Well, hello everyone! It took me quite a while to figure out what my first post should be about, and then I thought I should start from the city I call home! It’s a small city in Greece named Argos. Argos is located in the Peloponnese, near the seafront, and actually is the oldest city in Europe.

Pretty close to Argos, there are other attractions such as Mycenae (a popular archeological site in Greece), Nemea and Myloi (known from Greek mythology as the places where 2 of Hercules’ labours took place) and Nafplio, the first capital of Greece.

Food: I highly recommend “Ernesto Cucina Italiana”, an Italian restaurant hosted inside an amazing old building with high ceilings and imposing decoration (open from October 1st until June 1st). Any choice you make is a win, as everything is delicious! A second option with a more traditional menu is “Pantazis” located at Kefalari Argous. Do not miss the “tiropitari” (traditional cheese pie) and the “bogana” (baked lamb- originated from Argos). You should also visit Myloi (village 10km away) to try their popular souvlaki in any taverna of your preference. If you are a fish person, then “Kabouris” and “Tsakiris” in Nea Kios or “Faros” in Myloi are the places to go.


1) Hotel Mycenae in Agios Petros Square is my favourite. They recently renovated it and the staff is very polite and helpful. It is located in an ideal location, right on a pedestrian zone. There are several restaurants and cafes just meters away.

2) Boutique Hotel Palladion is also a very good choice as it is, again, located next to the square of Agios Petros, but near the main street. It has a small number of rooms, beautifully decorated and is reasonably priced.

Activities: There is a tennis club in the Dalamanara area called Athlisis, but make sure you call them and book a court because it is usually very busy. Go Karting is another fun option for the active ones. Profitis Ilias is a small, green, leafy hill, ideal for a walk or jog. Last but not least, Nea Kios beach is a popular destination for 2 reasons: kite surfing and mud therapy. If you like water sports and are a daredevil, the crew of Radical Kite Center will assist in boosting your adrenaline! On the other hand, if you are a lay low person (like me) the black mud that covers the beachside is said to do wonders for your health and best thing of all, it’s free!

Touristic attractions: The Ancient Market, the Ancient Theatre and the Castle named Larissa.

Coffee & Drinks:

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