I’m neither a celebrity, nor a ski lover (I can barely even say beginner), but I happen to visit Arachova quite often (usually for no more than 24hrs). I spend my time mostly strolling around its narrow, picturesque, cobblestone alleys, breathing the fresh air and admiring the breathtaking views.

When I do not play tourist with my camera in those alleys, I do my second favorite thing: EAT! You will probably find me at Panagiota, an amazing little restaurant with high quality, traditional Greek food.

Food and fresh air always make me sleepy, so I like taking long naps in the booked guesthouse by the fireplace! The rooms don’t always come with fireplaces but when in snowy scenery, I make sure I ask for one. It definitely adds this extra warmth, coziness and relaxation I think we all seek in a winter getaway.

Arachova is very popular for its nightlife, hence the nickname “winter’s Mykonos”. Though my party days are over, when in Arachova, I always visit Akouarela.


A piece of advice:

  • There are very few tables at Panagiota restaurant, so booking a reservation in advance is required (especially during high season), but the experience is rewarding.
  • Do not leave Arachova without trying its famous “formaela”. A PDO cheese, usually eaten fried or grilled.
  • If your schedule allows it, try to avoid visiting Arachova on weekends and holidays. Your life will be so much easier.

Arachova is only 170km away from Athens and located on the southern slope of Mt Parnassus.

Best known for:

#1 Parnassos Ski Center– operates from December and is the biggest and the best organized ski center of Greece.

#2 Delphi – 8km from Arachova, one of the most popular archeological Greek site outside Athens.

#3 Its crowd. The cosmopolitan Arachova is winter’s IT place.



  1. Panagiota
  2. To Arhontiko
  3. Kaplanis
  4. Fterolakka



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