An anti-big fat Greek kind of wedding. A non-traditional crowded Serbian wedding. A simple, classy, carefree, different, cool wedding in our private church and garden. A wedding that expressed us. A wedding that we solely planned and organized to the last detail.

Needless to say, the wedding was a multi-national affair, to say the least. Not only because Alex is Serbian and I’m Greek, but also due to our travels and my studies, we have a plethora of friends scattered all over the globe. Greek, Serbian, Italian, British, Australian, Bulgarian, Russian, American, traveled from all over the world just to be there on our special day. What an honor! Thank you guys.

The wedding took place in the church yard, in a very beautiful setting, surrounded by our closest friends and family (and of course Kiara!).

After the ceremony, we sat down to a fabulous, mouthwatering, traditional, Greek dinner. Then, we moved to the pool area where a DJ, 2 barmen and loads of cocktails kept us going till the early morning hours.

PS: Not only did I get to marry the man of my dreams, but also I got to wear the wedding dress of my dreams! What would that be? A romantic yet short Vera Wang ivory dress, combined with a pair of rocking YSL black sandals.

My advice to you: plan your wedding the way YOU want it. Do not listen to anyone because at the end of the day it is… YOUR day! You only get one chance and it lasts only a few hours. Live it!



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