Optimized-DSC03300Generally, I like going out to shop. I like to touch the clothes, feel the materials, try them on, etc. But there are times I get so bored doing that and I’d rather chill on my couch with a cup of tea and browse my favourite sites. That way I avoid queuing in the dressing rooms, I can shop anytime (even at 2am) and I can visit as many “shops” as possible without tiring my feet! Opa!


Here’s a list of my favourites:

  1.  THE OUTNET: Fabulous designers, ridiculously discounted. I once found an item 84% off!! (women only)
  2.  ASOS: My best buddy in sleepless nights. I save like 100 items and I check after a week to see which ones are still in stock, my size, and discounted and I go for it! (men&women)
  3. SAMMYdress: Items so cheap, it’s not even funny. You have to look thoroughly to find something decent, but even if you don’t, I mean come on, you spend more on coffee. (men&women)
  4. NECESSARYCLOTHING: I discovered this site recently and it’s my latest obsession. When it comes to everyday tops and bodysuits, it’s a win!
  5. OTTE New York: When I really want to treat myself or piss off my husband with an expensive purchase, this is one of the sites I visit! (women)
  6. Luxury, designers, straight from the runway items. On your doorstep in 3 days maximum! (women)
  7. Net-A-Porter: The most fashionable online destination. The most famous designers and anything you need from handbags to clothes to make-up to candles. (women)
  8. YOOX.COM: The whole family can pay a visit to this site. Nice designers and prices for any budget. (men&women&kids)
  9. Nasty Gal: A real treat for girls like me. I always find items I fall in love with. (women)
    Have a lovely time shopping new goodies.







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