What a greek blogger needs for travel

Many of my friends and followers complain that they don’t have money to travel and that the recipes on my blog are more reasonable, in terms of expense. I think the problem is, they don’t really know how to organize their trip, cheaply.

This is why I decided to share my “how to book cheap vacations” guideline.


#1 Book in advance

Don’t wait to make your reservations a couple of days before. Plan your vacations 2-3 months in advance!! The costs are ridiculously cheaper than last minute bookings.

Note: Usually, tickets are cheapest if you depart and arrive on Tuesday/Saturday.

#2 Be flexible with the destinations

There is always a deal to a destination around the globe. Check out “” and thank me later. The EXPLORE tool is what you need. If you put your home airport and your preferred month for departure, it will show you what routes have the cheapest fares. Kiwi as well.

#3 Don’t hesitate to book low-cost airlines

Nowadays, I still know some people that are afraid to travel with airlines like EasyJet or Ryanair due to misinformation. I even heard some claiming it wasn’t “safe”. Let me tell you that none of the above have had any fatal accidents, so far. Unlike some major airlines such as American Airlines or Air France-KLM. Plus you get what you pay for. If you travel with just a carry-on, you don’t get charged for a suitcase. And if you are not thirsty or already have your own snacks, why should you pay for them on the ticket price anyway? You choose exactly what you want to pay for – I find it fair and I love it. Other low-cost companies I’ve used: Wizz Air, Tiger/Scoot, Iberia Express, Jetstar.

#4 Search multiple travel sites

There is a long list of sites you can choose from. The prices are different and some of them do not include several airlines. After many years of online bookings, I ended up using these 4:,,,

#5 Subscribe and use the Alert tool

When you subscribe to any of the sites mentioned above, you get e-mails with new deals from time-to-time, as well as unique offers for subscribers only. Cool huh? Plus the alert tool is one of the reasons I manage to book London & Milan flights for 40-60euro RETURN.

#6 Be flexible with your accommodation

Don’t be afraid to sleep in a hostel. I know hundreds of people who have stayed in hostels and they all enjoyed themselves very much. Of course if you can afford better than that, do it. But make sure you choose wisely. While most Americans use Expedia, I prefer I always manage to find the best deals on this site. And let’s not forget AirBnb. One word: amazing! Dreamy little apartments, or shared houses, make you feel like a local.


So next time you travel, try to apply some of these 6 steps and send me an e-mail telling me how much you saved AND send me a postcard!

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