Greek travel blogger visits Portobello

Aaah Portobello! There is no chance I visit London and I don’t pass by my favourite picturesque road with the colourful buildings and the fantastic little shops. Famous for its cool flea market that offers everything and anything, from souvenirs to vinyl records to vintage clothes and antiques, Portobello is the most characteristic road of Notting Hill. During the weekend, when the market takes place, Portobello is the king of street food. But what if you are in London only on weekdays? Should you visit it? Well, YES.


Here’s why:

  • Electric Cinema – one of London’s oldest cinemas and undoubtedly the most romantic. Velvet couches, waiters serving cocktails, luxurious armchairs and footstools all make this cinema very unique. This is the best movie experience you can have.
  • Salumeria W10 – Italians love their coffee and they appreciate a well-prepared, fresh meal… that’s what Salumeria offers. Everything is Italian! From the owner to the Bresaola and the Vergnano Espresso. If you like avocado, ask for the salad with the cherry-avocado-toasted bread and balsamico glaze (off the menu but they’ll make it for you). You’re welcome.
  • Saporitalia – a proper Italian restaurant with the traditional wooden oven and a talented pizza maker! The best pizza in Notting Hill.
  • Alexeeva & Jones – the chocolate experts. For them, choosing a box of chocolates is a ritual. Also the best drinking chocolate you ever had in your life!
  • Kitchen & Pantry – cozy sofas, wooden tables and the smell of freshly baked pastries. A favourite place to read a book, or have a quick bite. There is also a huge chance to bump into a British celebrity here… most of the time! Keep your eyes open.
  • Duke of Wellington – tasty cocktails, large variety of craft beers, nice music, friendly staff and excellent food. Not “just” a pub.

Also, if I’m in London, you’ll definitely see me in one of those places. Come say hi!



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