Nikoza, Greek travel blogger, goes to 3 beautiful Greek islands!


One of my favorite retreats of last summer was the Yoga For Nature 3 days event, that my beloved instructor Eva organized for just a few of us. Generally, I am not a big fan of group vacations, and 3 islands in 3 days seemed a bit too much, but it was so well planned that it ended up being magical.

Day 1

We arrived at Paros and settled into our hotel in the area of Ampelas. We then headed to the beach under Thalami Taverna, where we later ate. You can access the beach through the stairs next to the restaurant. A small, free beach, without sunbeds, umbrellas or a beach bar, unspoiled and known mostly by locals. This place is just dreamy. After our swim, we had an evening Yoga session. Then, ended the day with a  relaxing walk in the amazing alleys of the Town of Paros. In one of these alleys, you will find KARGAS, the best place in Paros for a very Greek souvlaki.

Day 2

The day started with Yoga, then breakfast and quickly to the port to catch the Ferry Boat to Antiparos. But we didn’t stop there! We hired a sloop to take us to one of the hidden beaches of Despotiko, a small, uninhabited Greek island, located west of Antiparos. If you choose to pay a visit, make sure you are fully prepared (water, snacks etc) as there is absolutely nothing there. It is just you and nature. Three hours, a Partner Yoga session, and a swim in the crystal, azure, Aegean waters later, the sloop arrived and brought us back to Antiparos. Had an amazing lunch at Captain Pipinos – highly recommended. But we couldn’t leave just yet. We needed to explore the popular old town of Antiparos with its boutique shops and picturesque white-washed alleys.

Day 3

Early morning meditation by the sea and “Jala Neti Kriya” to kick off the day. Next, breakfast and then my favorite part of the weekend: Horseback riding at “Thanasis Farm”. I dare to say, one of the best farms in Greece. The animals’ wellbeing and the safety of the riders is top priority for them. We followed a trail with stunning scenery and breathtaking views. An experience I will never forget! After the ride, Alex and I were too excited to have a proper lunch, so we just grabbed a sandwich at a bakery and continued for a swim at Aspros Gremos. A beach at Ampelas, 150m away from Thalami Taverna, a hidden paradise in which words cannot describe its beauty. By far my favorite beach on the island. The farewell dinner for the whole group couldn’t have taken place anywhere else but “Mediterraneo”. Try to taste as many dishes as possible; you rarely find such amazing cuisine at such normal prices.

Other places of interest:

For a swim, for lunch or dinner, for cocktails, even for shopping at Mparok seaside boutique.

  • Kalogeros beach

Free spa anyone?! Cover your body with clay and let it dry in the sun. Then rinse it with a swim and feel it softer than ever.

Amazing sea view, unique cocktails, friendly staff, and nice music.


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