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Greek blogger explores Athens and its nightlife

Athens is a big city, and it has a lot of different areas and districts. Nea Smirni is one of the good ones! It is accessible by tram, bus, or a combination of metro and tram. Here are 10 reasons why you should visit this beautiful destination.

1) Square of Nea Smirni

It’s one of the most popular squares in Athens. Nea Smirni is always busy, with all kinds of crowds (families, dog walkers, athletes, youngsters, schoolgirls and boys, older people soaking up the sun during the summer and more). The square is full of: lights, sidewalks, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and of course, clothing stores.

2) New Habits

New Habits is an all-time favorite place to drink coffee with friends or have brunch on a weekend. It is Nea Smirni’s hot spot and one of the few shops that attracts crowds from different areas. Finish the day with early drinks, I suggest the “Bubble Bubble” cocktail. Also, check out their hash tag #habitmono

3)“Aroma” Plateias

If you prefer something old fashioned with rock jazz funky music – this is the place! Great atmosphere and great finger food to have with your beer. It’s divided in two spaces. One where you can quietly drink your coffee, and secondly, a lounge bar to enjoy your drink! During the winter, sit downstairs by the fireplace next to the bar. Well, now I miss winter.

4) Zuccherino

Food sinners united! Winter or summer, there’s always room for some ice cream or waffles! And this one is homemade and they have different flavors each day. Better try it with a waffle or “wafflakia” (small waffle bites) and add any preferable toppings. If you are not an ice cream fan (God forbid), they also serve great fresh sweets – the key is to go upstairs and watch how they make them.

5) “Pop Up” cocktail bar

YES, in Nea Smirni, WE LOVE COCKTAILS! And “Pop Up” serves the best without any doubt. Quiet in the daytime but don’t let that trick you…It goes wild during the evening. Great parties in the vibes of R’n’B & electro music! Cocktails for every taste and for only 5 euro every Thursday!

6) Barrow Burger Bar

American, street-food style burgers. You can make your own or choose from the menu. Very high quality food, and Barrow Burger is the best medicine after a hangover! They serve all burgers with French fries. This is the only original burger place to visit when in Nea Smirni.

7) Myrtia

A big family tavern, with the best menu for Greek traditional food lovers. Take it easy though, because the portions are HUGE! It’s a warm place with friendly staff and a local ambient that saves the best for the end: complimentary Greek traditional donut bites, covered with honey and cinnamon or chocolate! Yum!

8) Amigos

Amigos is a Mexican restaurant and it’s been around for ages, which says one thing…it is GOOOOOD. Seriously, great food, with lots of different choices. They also serve amazing frozen margaritas. I love the atmosphere, the extremely friendly staff and the salsa nights they have on a weekly basis.

9) Polis Park

In Nea Smirni, parking won’t be a problem if you choose Polis Park. It is right under the square (very convenient!). On top of the lot, there’s a big park with fountains and grass where the locals usually hang out with friends, eat a snack, rest their feet or walk their dog.

10) Alsos of Nea Smirni

This is actually a beautiful park that is great for a picnic, for kids’ playing, for a morning run or a ride on your bicycle. There is also an outer public gym that you can actually exercise among the trees and nature. Every year, in this lovely park, takes place the “Ionikes”(a celebration, which is one of the most famous cultural festivals in Athens). Also you can enjoy: music concerts, theater plays, art shows as well as movie and dance shows. Totally worth visiting!


Special thanks to Erietta Tsimogianni for the contribution

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