Meli Ladi


  1. Kozi’s – a South African restaurant located at Melissia. After trying everything from their menu (twice), Alex and I always go for the “nasty” Rib-Eye KokoBongo. The best alternative to enjoy a good piece of meat.
  2. La Gratella Athens – a very Italian restaurant in Chalandri, total value for money. Great quality, carefully prepared dishes, a young aspiring chef… But don’t get scared. Their prices are ridiculously normal.
  3. Belle Amie – is located at Piraeus and I dare to say it’s probably inside the best building of the area. The ambiance has an “old Greece” kind of glam and the space & music make you want to dress up properly (black tie and all). Alex always brings along his cigars and enjoys a glass of Bourbon. Nucky Thompon style!
  4. Ocean Basket – is a chain of restaurants and we have one in Athens too. It’s not as big and popular as Friday’s and some might say that I should go for something more “original”. BUT, I recommend this because the setting is beautiful, the food is delicious and it’s quite fairly priced for a seafood restaurant! Plus, the staff is very polite and they also love Kiara.
  5. Amigos – every aspect of this place, the menu, the music, the interiors, the drinks, shout México!! And even if someone from your party doesn’t appreciate good Enchiladas, don’t worry… Amigos has plates from European cuisine too!
  6. Pere Ubu – an all day concept that, as a restaurant, offers the 2 best burgers I’ve had in a long time: the vegetarian Portobello burger and the meatilicious Truffle burger. Best eaten in the evening along with drinks and loud music!
  7. New York Sandwiches – very nice burgers and fries and the best brunch in town. Real American taste in the heart of the center. Make sure you book in advance if interested in their brunch; it is very, VERY busy.
  8. To Elliniko – a traditional Greek tavern with delicious gastronomic choices, located just steps away from my house. Enough to make me a regular. A huge variety of mezé from all around Greece (from Crete to Drama). Enough to make YOU a regular!
  9. Meli-Ladi – Greek restaurant blah blah. But the main reason it made the list is the most epic Gyros I had in my life. And trust me, as Greek; I’ve honored our national street food more times than I’d like to admit. And still, I insist. Their Gyros beat them all.
  10. Diomataris Taverna – makes you feel like you’re in a mountainous Cretan village. The food is oh-so-good, and it oozes tradition. You’ll get free treats such as Raki (Cretan drink), extra virgin olive oil with freshly baked bread and “loukoumades” with honey and cinnamon at the end! Also a surprisingly strong handshake from the owner. Be well prepared!

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