When I started this blog, I promised myself to be as realistic and honest as possible. And this is what I intend to do. I’m not the type of blogger that sends random shout-outs to hotels, begging for free accommodations or discounts. I am an “old school” blogger – even if it’s quite new trend. That is what’s missing I guess. Very rarely can one find a negative comment on a blog. Blogs are like magazines nowadays, full of ads and paid promos. But it shouldn’t be like this. You turn to a blog instead of an online magazine because you want to AVOID paid promos and advertising. You want to read the truth from someone like you: a traveler, a fashionista, a mum, an everyday person, a pet lover, a backpacker etc.

I won’t lie by saying that I haven’t got money for a post. I have and I am actually really proud that before its first birthday, brands are reaching out to NIKOZA to sponsor them. But do I accept everyone and anything? Hell NO!

Before I book a job, the first thing I do is to try the product. If it’s a hotel, I’ll try the facilities and probably spend a couple of nights there. If it’s a restaurant, I’ll try several dishes from their menu. Long story short, nothing goes public without a “test drive”. Have I rejected a job because I didn’t like the experience? YEP, I have. My first rejected job was a hotel I would never book so I had to be true to my readers and prevent them from going. The hotel had bad breakfast, low quality, poor service, uncomfortable beds and was way overpriced for what it offered.

Maybe I shut some doors that way, but it is not brands that keep the blog going… it’s my readers. Without readers, no brand would reach out to me. Being honest to you is my way of saying THANK YOU for the time you spend reading my posts, for your emails, your comments, your likes and your trust.

Coming up next, my worst hotel experiences and why you should avoid booking specific ones.  Stay tuned!

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