Whenever I visit London, I always spend time with my longtime friend and the blog’s “behind the scenes” guy, Pompeo.

As you would guess, Pompeo is Italian. And you know what Italians love the most? Their food! Luckily, it is my second favourite cuisine (after Greek), so I don’t complain that every meeting we have is either in an Italian bistro or in a Pizzeria!!

Pompeo is very picky and he was very specific with the list he gave me. When you want to have Italian, you follow the Italians, that’s the only way! Here’s the list:

  1. Cacciari’s – a very welcoming restaurant in a nice neighborhood serving, among others, the very traditional “piadina” from the Romagna region, with love!
  2. Locanda Locatelli – a Michelin star awarded restaurant in the Hyatt Regency London and surprisingly fair priced for what you experience. Foodgasms for everyone!
  3. Pizzeria Pappagone – well, when you go to a pizzeria, opt for the pizza! No feeling pizza? This place has some amazing pasta dishes as well.
  4. Salumeria W10 – Chef Carmine will delight you with his creations in his tiny Italian Deli. Freshly cut ingredients for the sandwiches, great coffee, nice treats, daily prepared homemade pasta and more!
  5. Saporitalia – located right in the heart of Portobello. The wood fired pizza with a whole burrata is to die for. And their homemade tiramisu is de-li-cious.

Hungry yet?




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