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One of my biggest pain points in our era is the quality of music and songs nowadays. I am a big music fan. As a kid I learned how to play the piano and as a college student, I picked Music History as an optional course. Generally, I enjoy all kinds of music – apart from psychedelic – in the correct environment and time.

And now to the point: WHAT THE HECK MTV AWARDS??? That was a circus to say the least. Beyonce’s singing is considered art? Or Britney’s? I have nothing but respect for those ladies, but damn have they gone downhill.

I miss the dancing rhythm in music, the statement outfits performers used to wear and the songs you find yourself humming years after the album’s release. Every year, instead of celebrating music, we celebrate miss bikini body and going bananas on who wore less clothes. Is this the music education we want to give to the new generation? Seriously??

I don’t know about you, but to me, nowadays it’s all about the show and nothing about the feeling.

Nudity instead of heartfelt performances and computer sounds instead of pure talent. I miss rock bands. I wish there were more Guns and Roses and less One Directions out there. More John Legends and less Drakes.

Also, thank God for Adele that still delivers art and not noise.

And just to make myself clear… I don’t say that it’s all bad. It isn’t. There are still artists out there, but only 1 out of 10 and that is a bad percentage. Because music is life. Music heals. Music is food for the soul. And you have to be careful with what you feed your soul.

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