As promised in one of my previous posts, I would like to tell you about my worst hotel experience ever. Thankfully, I’ve been lucky and I haven’t experienced as many bad experiences as you’d think, given that I travel quite a lot. This one is by far the most horrible, leaving all the others many steps behind. Read below and… “enjoy”!


Vista Palace, Monaco. The most wasted money I have ever spent in my entire life. A black hole in my otherwise dreamy honeymoon. BAD in every aspect. To begin, the supposedly 5* hotel looked abandoned and needed some serious renovations, to say the least. The rooms were very, VERY basic for 700€ per night and kind of depressing. As for the pool? It was semi-destroyed. The paint had fainted from the side walls, half of the tiles were missing and the water’s surface had a remanence of dirt because of the lack of maintenance. Did I mention the breakfast?? Eggs, ham and carton juices. And repeat. They also refused to serve us even if we arrived 15minutes before the “deadline”.
Since the hotel is on the top of a hill and thankfully the views were very pretty, which is the only positive thing about this place, the hotel offers a minivan to take you down the hill, to Casino Square, every hour. Oops! Sorry, let me rephrase that. They CLAIM to offer that, if you book your space in advance. Which we did. But still. We wait. 3hrs. In the middle of the square. 40° C in the shade. But there wasn’t any shade. And this happened TWICE. And we had to call them 5-6 times while we were there because they promised that the van would be there in 30min. But it wasn’t! Also, half of the staff did not speak English!! I mean… come on. Please note that they never apologized for their behavior and after the second day’s waiting, I went straight to the manager to complain. A manager without teeth, talking half French and half English who said there was nothing he could do, and practically said that if we wanted dinner we should eat at the hotel and not to head downtown because it was complicated!!! WTF!!! Also note that the welcoming letter was addressed only to Mr Stevovic and not Mr & Mrs while we were on our honeymoon. And apart of the note, there wasn’t even a complimentary cookie, as the tradition commands for the newlyweds


In order to stay calm and not ruin our trip, as you would imagine, we had to check out a day earlier and rush out from the hotel. The manager of course refused to refund us the extra day that we had booked but cancelled in the meantime. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER BY FAR. Lesson learned though: Never book a 5* hotel with a rate less than 8,5 on booking.com. (It had 6,4 – they’ve now removed themselves from booking.com -OR booking did because they suck)


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