1. For starters, tell us something about yourself?
    My name is Marina Dobrić, I am 27, and I was born in Belgrade. I graduated from Art High School in Užice, then Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, and after that I got a masters degree from the same college, majored in Conservation and Restoration of Paintings. At the moment I live in Požega, where I work as an independent artist.
  2. Tell us your story – when and how did you start painting?
    I discovered my talent right before the end of middle school, which was the moment I also decided to follow my wishes and continue the art path through my education, so that I could build myself up and do what I love.
  3. What is your primary inspiration in creating art?
    I have always been inspired by nature, animals, sea, but my main inspiration is my family, so the motives I frequently paint are portraits. But don’t worry – I’m not falling behind with landscapes, nudes, as well as genre scenes. I am also very dedicated to painting icons.
  4. Which artist had the most influence on your work?
    As an artist who is just discovering her style and building a name in the art world, I feel that the biggest influence on me was the work of Leonardo da Vinci, who is better known as an “universal genius”, and whose inventions are still used in today’s modern technology.
  5. Which themes do you like painting the most?
    Art is my life. Through art, I represent myself, people I love, moments I imagine – all of that I can transform into a painting in front of me, and I am really enjoying that!
  6. What is the state of the art scene in Serbia?
    I am not very satisfied with the state of the art scene in Serbia, which is best shown through art and culture surveys with Serbian citizens. I also think that the current government doesn’t have a good attitude towards culture, and that there is a lack of collegial support in our field.
    I hope change will come soon, and that our society will become more aware of the importance of art and culture in our lives. We will definitely try to show that to everybody through our work.
  7. Have you had an exhibition yet, and are you planning one soon?
    Due to various reasons, I still haven’t had my own exhibition, but I am planning one soon and I am working very hard on it. You will have more details soon!
  8. Where do you see yourself and your career in 10 years?
    I see myself as a painter and an artistic soul, living in a place and environment where art is respected and its values’ are recognized.
  9. And finally, what would you have to say to any aspiring artist reading this interview?
    To everyone who loves art, discovers their talent, or decides to go down this path, I recommend you to NEVER GIVE UP, because even when you see the bad state of the art scene here or feel that art is not respected enough, there will be someone who will recognize the beauty of art creation. More importantly, if you have the talent inside you, there is nothing better than being an artist and expressing yourself through a brush and canvas.

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