Today I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite Belgrade hotspots. The places where I love to hang out and meet up with friends and that I would highly recommend you to visit, if you end up in Belgrade– Beton hala and Savamala.

The area under Brankov bridge has been completely renovated over the last couple of years, which resulted in an interesting combination of old and new, industrial and posh. There is something for everyone in every category of self-indulgence.

On the right side of the bridge lies Beton hala (meaning Concrete hall), which is exactly what you’d think: an old and abandoned concrete hall on the river that was transformed into the home of some of the best restaurants and bars in the city. Such as:

  • Toro – this Latin fusion restaurant is one of my favorite places in Belgrade. Meals are in the form of tapas (small plates), and every single one is from a different Latin American country. My recommendation – Chicken Empanada with mango sauce.
  • Comunale – Italian restaurant with ah-mazing deserts!
  • Ambar – Balkan fusion cuisine that recently got a great review in a New York Times article (here). After you finish reading, book a table right away!

You can sit wherever, it’s not really that important. All places share a cozy balcony and breathtaking views of Sava River and New Belgrade. Especially during sunsets.


On the other side of the bridge you can find Savamala. Belgrade’s first hipster neighborhood, and places inspired by Berlin’s and London’s scene started opening up, catering to every taste. Restaurants, bars, clubs, barber shops… you can find practically everything there.


  • Ben Akiba – check out their stand-up comedy nights – laughter guaranteed!
  • Mikser – During the day, a store with the cutest clothes and trinkets. During the night, awesome parties and events. Cool drinks in an even cooler industrial space – any time of the day.
  • Berliner – stop by for soft pretzels and beer
  • Tranzit – personal favorite, whether it’s a chill summer night in their open space, or a deep house music night inside, go clubbing here during the winter months.

Savamala is right next to the Belgrade Waterfront. This is a huge construction project which is still a work in porgress, apart from its promenade on the river part which is done and, may I say, very, VERY nicely done!


While Beton hala and Savamala are separated only by a bridge, they are so versatile and offer places for everybody. Whether you are interested in clubbing until the morning hours, chill drinks after work, or a Sunday brunch, these two places will accommodate your taste.

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