Have you ever found yourself with the dilemma of bringing a suitcase or a backpack? Well, I haven’t! Suitcase always wins in my case for so many different reasons. But there are people, like the fellow travel blogger Stelios that swear by their backpack. So, what are the pros and cons and which one fits your needs better? Let the debate begin.


Suitcase Pros

  • Order/Organization. Everything intact and ready to wear. No wrinkles. Easy access to all of your stuff.
  • More space means more shoes, more jackets or more room for new purchases!
  • Try putting a camera in a backpack and check the bag. Have you seen the way they are thrown in the baggage carousel and on/off the plane?? Horrific.
  • Which equals weight relief. Easy, breezy. Just pull the darn thing!
  • You can use it as a chair while waiting for the bus, train, or the tube.
  • Nothing on your back. No backache, no sweaty t-shirts.
  • Work travel. Imagine going on a business meeting and arriving at the airport with a suit on and your back pack. Well, it just looks wrong. Stereotype? Maybe. Fact? Definitely.
  • No need to unpack. If your trip is short, you can leave your stuff in the suitcase and not settle them in a wardrobe. I have done it so many times and it’s time-saving and the medicine against forgetting things in a hotel, duh!


Suitcase Cons

  • Stairs! A suitcase’s biggest nightmare. Things get tough in the sight of a stairway.
  • Cobblestone streets. Slightly better than the stairs. Though, the wheels usually get stuck, they might break, possibly the suitcase might fall or even worse…you might trip.
  • No running! Late for your flight? Is your train departing in just 10 min and you need to jog to the station? Not gonna happen. Try pulling a suitcase while running, but make sure you record it first! It will be a hit on YouTube.


Backpack Pros

  • Less stuff. Backpacks tend to reduce the amount of items that you’d normally pack due to their limited space. Packing the necessities only ain’t a bad thing!
  • Forget the luggage carousel! Most backpacks are less than the size of a carry-on. No waiting, no luggage charge, no damaged luggage either.
  • Proportional delivery of weight. Our shoulders can carry heavier things than our hands.
  • Instant access to your stuff, anytime, anywhere. Especially if you pick a stylish backpack that you can carry with you everywhere. That way you carry anything you might need just a pocket away.
  • Easier to climb stairs with a backpack than with a suitcase.


Backpack Cons

  • Not suitable for crowded places. Despite what you might read in other lists. Backpack wearers are really annoying in crowded places. They tend to smack into people with their back extension. And usually they don’t even realize so they can apologize. Please remove your backpack inside public transportation. And in crowded flea markets.
  • Easy target for pickpockets. Since your bag is on your back and out of your sight it’s only fair to say that you’d be less of a challenge for thieves. And if you choose carry it, you might as well use a wheeled suitcase as I do. 😛
  • Crumpled clothes. Yes. It is almost impossible to squeeze all your travel gear in a backpack and avoid wrinkled clothes.
  • Rain is your enemy. Any so-called ‘waterproof’ backpacks cannot be compared to a hard shell suitcase.
  • Dirt, dirty, dirtier. A wet cloth cleans a suitcase. Show me how you’ll clean a dirty backpack. And no… if it stays dirty, it doesn’t show that you are an active and admirable traveler.


After weighing your options, what do you think? Suitcase or backpack? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!


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