Do you guys exchange small gifts with your friends and loved ones every Christmas?


In my house, this is a must! Not only because I love Christmas and the joy of giving, but also because I’m a sucker for cool homemade “Christmassy” stuff! This is why I’ve mastered my gift game… and just because I’m a good girl (mark that Santa), I’ll share with you my top 8 gifts that will definitely wow your friends and family!! Also, since these gifts are homemade, they will show that you’ve put the time and effort your loved ones deserve.


  1. Homemade Cocoa Jar – (fav recipies here and here) Is there anything better than that? I love making this gift as much as I enjoying drinking it, in my PJ’s, while watching “Home Alone” for the 100th time in front of the relaxing ambiance of a fireplace. I’m a hopeless romantic, what can I say??
  2. Festive Nail Set – My BFFs love it. I usually find a jar, put white cotton balls in its bottom and a fire red festive, sparkly nail polish on top. Add some nice Christmas nail decals, a Santa nail file and there you have it! A really cute and girl approved x-mas gift!
  3. Christmassy Candle – Well, this is probably the easiest. You’ll need a white candle (unscented, apple or cinnamon scent), cinnamon sticks, glue and a nice ribbon. Long story short, glue the sticks on the candle and wrap it with a ribbon. Add a small ornament for an extra twist!
  4. Tea or Coffee Basket – The only thing “homemade” about this gift is actually putting it together. Buy a nice coffee/tea cup, a Christmas coffee brew (Fortnum and Mason is the best for this) or a nice Christmas tea flavor, some biscuits and a cool basket to place everything in. Add festive ornaments of course.
  5. Candy Bouquet – easy as it sounds. Candy canes, lollipops, glue some chocolates on a stick, add some Christmas tree branches and tie everything with a red ribbon! All set, ready to go and yummy!
  6. Handmade ornaments – well, to be honest, I’ve never made one of these, but I’ve received them! I love how they make me feel every time I see them on my tree. They remind me of the person that gifted it to me and also, they are so unique. So, its worth the time and the effort. And I WILL make some this year and post the results on Nikoza’s Facebook page! (DIY Handmade ornaments is what you need to type on Google for inspiration).
  7. Hand-Painted Cookie Jar – I love baking and I love painting so this is one of my favorites! Any glass jar will do. Just bake (or buy) cookies, gently place them inside the jar and start painting it! Try this with your kids that usually die for this stuff. My nephew sure.
  8. Homemade Sparkling Lip Balm – there are thousands of DIY Lip Balm recipes out there. Pick the one of your preference, add a hint of an old red lipstick and glitter (duh- it’s Christmas) and don’t forget themed appropriate stickers all around the jar/container.


And of course, you never give gifts without a card. So in this case make sure to create a DIY Christmas card. Remember, they don’t have to look perfect, but they should be customized to the receiver – it will be so much better!


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