Happy New Year everyone!  I hope 2017 brings you everything you wished for!

Each passing year leaves me with bittersweet memories.  So many great things have happened, so many great memories have left their mark, and new friendships have been shaped.  Well, a few bad things as well, but I’m choosing to remember only the good while leaving all the bad behind.  Starting fresh with a positive attitude and a generous dose of excitement is what my attitude for 2017 will be!

This year, I’ve decided to make my first ever New Year’s Resolution, and also to print it and pin it on my mood board (after decorating it with lots of heart-shaped stickers, of course).

So, here it is:

  1. Travel more! Yes, Niki, travel more…(am I talking to myself in 3rd person? Awkward…) By train, by bus, by car, by plane…by yacht (fingers crossed!)…no excuses this time.
  2. Be brave(r).  I’d like to dare to try new things and weird foods and, for the love of God, I’ve got to book that ticket to an exotic destination this year – enough with the cities. Everything is gonna be okay…right?
  3. Finish the darn apartment already! I officially moved to Belgrade this past October (2016) and I still just have naked light bulbs instead of nice chandeliers.
  4. Stop being indecisive. It’s so bad, it might cost me my marriage!!! I…”study”…the menu at each restaurant more than I ever studied for my thesis.
  5. Start jogging or cycling. I always complained in Athens about how we don’t have nice parks for outdoor activities and now that I live 5 minutes away from Kalemegdan and have a bicycle…I’m finally out of excuses.
  6. Read at least 12 books. Yes, I need to do this. Even if they are small books. A book per month sounds fair enough.
  7. Go to a photography seminar. My audience has a very good eye and I need to meet its demands.


What is your New Year’s Resolution?


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