You know that part on my bio where I say “Being on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice quality”? Well, I always travel with that in mind, no matter where. To me, finding good and high-quality yet cost-effective deals (accommodation, food, activities etc) is my biggest challenge and top priority.

This is one of the main reasons I’ve shifted my focus in the Eastern/Central Europe.. you find killer deals you can enjoy without even trying much!  A good example is my most recent ski holiday in the area of Zlatibor.

2 nights, 2 people (and a dog), 150euro. I still can’t freaking believe it. Here’s how I made it and how you can too!!



Instead of the pricier Zlatibor (been there, done that), I chose the picturesque little village called Ljubiš, just 20km away from Zlatibor and half way from Tornik Ski Center. There, you’ll find the cutest little wooden chalets that can host up to 6 people for just 25euro per day in high-season and 15euro per day off season!! Dacovića Konaci is the name you’re looking for. It’s a family run business and the owners are the sweetest people. The moment you reach the property, they welcome you with “domaca kafa” (serbian coffee), lokum and a complimentary bottle of their homemade Rakija (National Serbian Drink).

Close your eyes and imagine waking up, opening the window, breathing fresh air, overlooking at the mountainous landscape and in the view of horses, sheep, dogs, rabbits and other farm animals outside your traditional house. I can’t think of a better way to reconnect with nature over a weekend.

In Dacovića Konaci you also have the opportunity to buy traditional, local, home-made products such as cheese, “Kajmak” (see my article Serbian Food: Yum) and of course Rakija.



So.. you woke up in this amazing scenery, obviously hungry (clean air and high altitude tends to make you hungry) and the closest cafe is 20km away. Wait what? Why would you need a cafe or a restaurant, when for just 2euro per person, the landlady will prepare breakfast for you with the freshest ingredients? Kindly ask her for a Komplet Lepinja if available and her homemade Kiselo Mleko. There is literally no restaurant that can provide anything better than that.



Slept well, ate well, now put on your ski suit and off to Tornik Ski Center. You’ll need less than 1 euro for parking, 12euro per person for a half-day ski pass and in case you need to rent a snowboard or skis (and boots of course), you’ll need almost 8 euro per person. Coffee, tea and beverages are around 1 euro at the centre’s cafe, so, if you sum it up, you need like 21 euro per person for 5 hours of pure entertainment!

Tornik has slopes for everyone, from beginners to ski veterans, and it’s very easy to navigate. There are also 5-6 different ski schools where you can book an instructor for a starting price of 18euro per hour! Ask them all and barter for a price and you might even get a discount.



In my previous article about Zlatibor (see here), I’ve mentioned several eat-in restaurants, but this time I have some alternative and cheaper options yet equally delicious and appetizing!

#1 If you inform the landlady of Dacovića Konaci in advance, she can prepare an amazing, three-course, homemade meal for just 4euro per person. That would be best if you don’t plan on going to Zlatibor later, as it could be tiring.

#2 However, if you have enough strength to visit Zlatibor after your skiing activities, then hands down, go try the foodgasmic Gurmanska Pljeskavica on the back of restaurant Gozba. It is something like a grilled burger, but way more yummy, just because it’s filled with cheese and ham and hugged in a traditional bread (Lepinja) which you can fill with unlimited toppings of your choice. Oops, I almost forgot! This amazing deal costs just 3 euro!


So there you have it – a fun filled and cheap ski getaway for under 150euro per couple.

What are you waiting for?? Defrost the car, grab the dog and off you go!!


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