Last week I took a spontaneous trip to Bratislava, the small but picturesque capital of Slovakia. Although the weather wasn’t at its best – foggy, snowy, slushy, wet, it was a great opportunity to get my newly recruited team together.

Bratislava is perhaps not on your places-to-visit list, but it should be – even for just 24 hours. Yes, a day or two will do the trick, since the Slovakian Capital is quite small, very easy to navigate, and all its main attractions are within a 10-minute-walk radius.



  • Because the buildings are so beautiful and both the city’s architecture and center so pretty, almost unreal, like a dollhouse!
  • Because it makes a good base for daytrips to nearby capitals (i.e. Vienna – 80km away), and it’s much cheaper.
  • Because you have amazing international restaurants and bistros wrapped around your pinky – way more affordable than Western Europe yet equally high in quality.
  • Because it is urban and classy and modern and raw and different.
  • Because Bratislavians are friendly and open and the most helpful people (even if at first glimpse they don’t seem like that). So friendly they might offer you a puff of their pot while giving you directions – True story!!
  • Because it has statues and castles, rivers and parks and a great history behind it.

Winter is probably not the city’s best season, so I’d recommend a visit during spring or summer. But, being the weirdo that I am, I kinda liked its quietness after 11pm on weekdays – it was like walking around a creepy yet absolutely gorgeous set of a Hollywood production.  But still, I believe spring must be Bratislava’s best season – at least that’s what I heard.


WARNING: If you are looking for late night bars and clubs avoid Bratislava Monday to Thursday and aim for the weekend. Then, rumor has it, the Austrian neighbors blend in with the local Bratislavians and the city transforms into a great party scene.



  • Urban House – a posh space where you can have decent breakfast and enjoy vegan food. I’d say pricey for what it offers, but I really liked the interior and the menu.
  • Jasmin – an authentic Asian restaurant with added extras for those with alternative taste.
  • Slovak Pub – Exactly what it says. BEER, FOOD….MORE BEER, FOOD…..Note: Only open until 11pm.
  • Soho – A new hip Asian/Thai bistro with amazing freshly-made lemonades – very tasty 😛
  • Mondieu – a chocolate lovers paradise and listed to have the best dessert in the city. (Just order the hot chocolate and you’re set!)
  • U Kubistu – A funky bistro that focuses on high-quality coffees with a small yet carefully prepared menu.  Highly recommended for a nice brunch.
  • Savage Garden – A pricier fusion restaurant that you should definitely visit. Its food is absolutely delish!
  • Divny Janko – Slovak and Austrian cuisine, a cozy restaurant where you can enjoy good food in huge portions, drink cheap beers and pay ±5euro per person!


I dedicated a whole post on why your first choice should be Radka’s Quiet Stylish Apartment (directly in the center).

However, in case it is booked, try Hostel Blues – which even for my standards (=avoid hostels at all costs), is super cool and luxurious- OR Hotel LOFT Bratislava – a hip, stylish and upscale brand new unit. All three are very central, just steps away from the major attractions (see below).



  1. St Elizabeth’s/Blue Church
  2. Bratislava’s Castle (Hrad)
  3. UFO Observation Deck
  4. Devin Castle
  5. Slavin
  6. St Michael’s Tower & Gate
  7. Nedbalka Gallery
  8. Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum


Given that this is a blog for adults, I should mention that my male followers will fancy Bratislava a lot, since it is well known that Slovakian women are of the most beautiful, and… in Bratislava you can actually see them clothes-free in one of the many strip clubs scattered around the city.  A stag party’s paradise!


BONUS DEAL aka what to do when the weather is…shitty☺

GO KARTING! Yup, you got that right. There’s an amazing indoor track (and an outdoor one for the summer), just a few tram stops away. You even get your results on your e-mail, a member card to remind you of that day AND the full face mask for almost 10 euro per person. A win for the adrenaline junkies or even for the ones that hate it – they can still sit in the nice customized sofas and enjoy a drink with some snacks while watching the race.

Well, now that you know it all, pack your bags and go! Escape to Bratislava!



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