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As you’ve probably noticed from my Instagram feed, I recently visited Montenegro and I’m obsessing over it. With Kotor as my base, one of the most beautiful and historic towns in the Balkans, how could you blame me?

Even though I was in Montenegro for 3 days only, I managed to experience most of it and see over 8 different towns, 2 National Parks, 1 islet and many many landmarks. None of that would be possible though if it wasn’t for 360 Monte Travel Agency. Seriously, those guys are awesome.


You know when you book a tour and it is usually either boring or tiring or “stuffy” or too crowded or too… whatever negative experience you might’ve had? Well, NOT this time. 360 Monte has the most professional team of experts and a great, memorable time is guaranteed.
First of all, their tour guides are like moving encyclopedias! You don’t need to Google anything related to Montenegro. From historic facts, to urban myths and gossip, or whatever you might think. Those guys know all the answers and since you know me, you’d know I never make statements like that light-hearted: The tours I went with them are hands down, the best.


Here’s a small description of each:




I’ll go ahead and quote a sentence from their website that describes this tour best:

“Unique tour during which you can see some spectacular view points, incredibly beautiful places, historical monuments.”

It’s a full day tour that includes, among others, a visit to Budva – Kotor’s crazy neighbor, and Cetinje, Montenegro’s Old Royal Capital as well as a relaxing boat tour around unreal sceneries with incredible views. You also get to try the very famous Njeguški Pršut straight from the source (Njegusi village) as breakfast and as for lunch, amazing fish and riblja čorba overlooking the magnificent River Crnojevića.
Not to mention all the great view points – so picture worthy, your newsfeed will be spammed with likes.
Think that’s it? Done? Not so fast. Before returning to Kotor, they stop for a swim at the famous Jaz beach. Unfortunately it was too cold for me to swim, but no worries, I’m definitely going back again this summer.





A shorter tour, but equally beautiful. It includes a visit to the artificial island “Our Lady of the Rocks” and the homonymous Church/Museum – yay, on a boat again! Interesting and peculiar stories hide in the history of the island and are well worth hearing – I’m happy I did.
Following, you’ll get a short time in Perast, the tiny little village which what lacks in size, make up in beauty. Palazzos and churches and pink bougainvilleas, synthesize this magical Venetian-like scenery.

Final stop: Kotor. A walking tour in this Montenegrin Gem, that you won’t just wander around in awe, yet you’ll be able to learn a thing or two about each and every important monument.
Bonus deal: for just a few extra $, you can indulge yourself in food & wine tasting – talk about a tailor made experience.



Long story short, if you want to experience Montenegro the best way possible, then you definitely need to pay a visit to their website (360monte.me). You won’t believe what you can get for your money.


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