If honest opinions offend you, it would be a good idea to stop reading now.


Budva is Montenegro’s most famous city, right on the Adriatic Sea. It is mostly known for the wild summer parties that take place in the multiple bars and clubs located on the Budva Riviera, as well as for being a favorite destination of rich Russian bachelors (?) that dock their enormous yachts at its marina.


The thing is, none of the above fascinates me. Old news, the same thing has been happening in Mykonos for many years now, only with better sceneries, magnificent Cycladic architecture and way more beautiful beaches. My drink-till-you-die days are over and as much as I like glaring at fancy yachts, 30 minutes later I’m losing interest in it too.


Unfortunately, Budva is suffering with hideous buildings and somewhat “struggling” luxurious apartment blocks showing little architectural quality. The green spots are almost nonexistent and the identity of this city that has existed since the 5th century BC is fading year by year and development after development (construction). And I only have one question: Why? And the answer I got from the locals was unanimous: Easy Money. Such a shame for a city with great potential.


THANK GOD FOR THE OLD TOWN. It is a breath of fresh air and to be honest the part I enjoyed the most along with the promenade at the marina. There, you can enjoy cobblestone paths, beautiful buildings and get a glimpse of the real historic vibe of Budva. The Old Citadel, several churches, Budva’s Archeological Museum, souvenir shops and little cafes, very worth visiting.


Stari Grad Budva is the most distinguished and definitely the most picturesque part of the city, with amazing views – especially at the top of the Citadela. You can spend a few quality hours there and afterwards enjoy a great meal overlooking the endless blue at Hotel Astoria’s restaurant or at the beautiful terrace at Old Fisherman’s Pub right on the marina.


My younger self didn’t have much respect for beautiful architecture; instead a private table at the in-est club would do the trick. I guess if I visited Budva 6-7 years ago, I would have a way different opinion. But now… If I happen to find myself in the beautiful Montenegro again, I might give it another go, but I definitely prefer Kotor, just 20km away, any day.


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