What would you do if you were told you only had six months left to live? This is a topic I bring up with practically everyone I know at some point. It’s an interesting question that I get a lot of different answers for, but it’s an extremely important question to think about on a personal level. It’s captivating to hear each individual come to their conclusion as it really opens up your eyes to what’s preventing you from being truly happy.


It’s funny because, I know exactly what I would do if I had only six months left. I’d take out a massive credit with insurance that I’d obviously never pay back, buy an amazing camera and a large backpack, book three one-way tickets to India and travel with my kids for what’s left of my life. India to Nepal, up to Tibet, then straight to South America, try some ayahuasca while I’m there, and then we’d be off to Africa. We’d hit up Madagascar first, then the Seychelles, just picking places at random from a world atlas. I’d come back to Belgrade towards the end and, quite simply, die there. It would be a beautiful way to go, knowing exactly how limited your time is and planning accordingly.


It seems to me that, sadly, this would be the only way a 21st-century human being could wake up and not take their time here for granted. Like, I’m sure I’d appreciate every minute and try to make the best of it knowing my time is running out, but, why don’t we do what we want now??

We all “know” our time on this earth is limited and yet we continue to take it for granted. If it weren’t for the errands we had to run, the work we had to do, or any other excuse that we always seem to have, perhaps our lives would be fulfilled already. Fitting in is, in all reality, such an ugly social phenomenon that only leads to individuals validating themselves based on their likability in their social circles. If Facebook hasn’t shown us this, I don’t know what has.


So, going back to the six months I may or may not have left to live, what is it that keeps me from going through with my “6-months to live” plan right now? Right now, while I’m pretty sure I’ve still got that much time, if not more? Simple. It’s fear. Fear is what prevents us from doing what we otherwise would if the end was inevitably near. Fear of the future. Fear of taking out that massive credit and traveling now because I’d then have to pay it back, how would I do that, I’d be in debt, I could probably use that money for something more important…so on and so forth.

So we keep living the way we do, keeping most of our dreams tucked away for the “one day” scenario; for that one day when we’ll finally be able to do what we’ve always wanted. As if that one day can’t be today. We spend most our time worrying about the “what if’s” when really we should be thinking “who gives a f**k!” But that time will come. We just need a wake-up call to realize it when it does.

Live your life. Live it the way you want to. Live it now! Take out that credit and go to India. Travel. See things. Make memories. Create stories. Give your kids something to remember you by that isn’t just a materialistic possession. Give yourself something to remember this life by that isn’t just being a well-abiding citizen with a lifetime of savings in your bank account. F**k the system. Be yourself. Even if it means not fitting in. We spend far too much time trying to fit in but we forget that we are all unique with different dreams and qualities. Don’t try to be someone else, be YOU, and be proud of who you are and what you can accomplish.


So.. I ask you again… What if you had just six months to live? How do you feel about your life? Tick accordingly:




I know which box I will have ticked 🙂



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