Whether you’re traveling overseas or anywhere that requires you to spend more than 6 hours in a plane, the flight can be challenging – unless you always fly business class in a luxurious Emirates Boeing in which case I officially hate you. 🙂 Most travelers are very familiar with jet lag and its disgusting effects and are constantly trying to find ways to beat it. After years of traveling, I have a small list I swear by to help me deal with it and just because I like you, I thought I’d share it with you!



  • Try to sleep on the plane – given that you arrive daytime.
    I know it is more challenging than it sounds due to uncomfortable seats and the awkward position of your body, yet there are tricks that will help you achieve your sleep goal.

    1. Avoid coffee and any other caffeine infused drink inside the plane. Opt for a herbal tea, a glass of juice or plain water instead.
    2. Ear plugs + sleeping mask = silence + darkness. Exactly what one needs for a good nap.
    3. A small dose of Valerian is always my go-to sleeping aid, despite the length of the flight. I choose a 100% natural supplement that relaxes me completely and have noticed that I sleep much easier. Ask your doctor for more info.
    4. Try to keep as much of your sleeping routine as possible before going to “bed”. Watch a movie, read a couple of pages from your favorite book, brush your teeth even.

N.B: None of the above applies if you arrive at night. Then just try to stay awake during most of the flight in order to acclimate faster and sleep easier upon arrival.

  • Stay hydrated.
    Water, water and more lemon water. Your body feels better, more energized and happier when you stay hydrated.
  • Avoid alcohol before, during and right after the flight.
    It has the exact opposite effects from #2 aka dehydration. A glass of red wine is allowed if you must, but try not to overdo it.
  • Sleep only when it is bedtime in your destination’s time zone.
    If you arrive in the morning or afternoon, do not go to sleep. Go for lunch, visit a museum, have a coffee, soak up the sun in a park, just don’t sleep! You need to synchronize your body clock to the local time, otherwise prepare for many sleepless nights and days of general confusion.
  • Eat healthy – avoid greasy food.
    For the 3 “critical” days (before, during, after the flight), it is important to keep your body happy. Recommended – No fried food, no sugar overdose and no excess spice. It might sound like torture but believe me, those few days of “fasting” will have you thanking me. J If the in-flight food is not what you expected (high chance it won’t be), try to have some snacks like unsalted nuts, dried fruits and bars to keep your stomach happy.


Have you tried any of those steps? Do you have another secret weapon against jet lag that’s worth sharing? Let me know in the comments below or if it’s too secret, hit me an email!


Until next time, :*


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