Every major city has its nearby upscale resorts: New York has the Hampton’s, London has Brighton and Athens has Cape Sounio. Although the Athenian resort isn’t just about posh villas – even if some do have a hefty price tag of 20 millon euro. No, it’s also about the fine restaurants, beaches and its precious historic value. Consisting of a BC built temple and one of the most magical sunsets you can picture (apart from Santorini’s), Cape Sounio is definitely a top hit.

Sounio(n) is located in the southernmost point of Attica region, at a distance of 69km from downtown Athens. At its very end, the Temple of Poseidon (or to be more punctual, the ruins of it) stands proud since 440 BC!! Poseidon, according to Greek mythology, was the god of the seas and the oceans, so you can imagine that in a maritime country like Greece, he was the 2nd most important god after Zeus, the king of gods.

That said I have to admit that my ancestors had a great taste on picking sites for temple building. The location, the views, the nature and the surroundings are purely magnificent! Cute little partridges strolling around the bushes and the temple, views of sailors, swimmers and canoes, steep and sharp rocks growing out of the bluest sea and gleaming white marbles that reflect the Greek sun… It’s no wonder Lord Byron fell in love with this place!

From Sounio, on a clear-sky day, you can see as far as Kea, Kythnos and even Serifos islands of the Aegean Sea; as well as the smaller islets of the Saronic Gulf and views of the Peloponnese peninsula to the west.

And that’s not it. Once you are done with the temple and the pictures, if the weather allows it, you can indulge yourself with a refreshing swim in one of the nearby beaches or, even better, go to a nice Greek tavern and enjoy some delicious fresh fish and seafood. Talk about a well-spent Sunday!

Recommended Taverns:

  • Syrtaki – just 1,5km away from the Temple, with great food and reasonable prices!
  • Marida – a bit further down, yet equally excellent!

With Athens as a starting point, you can get to Sounio by car, where you will drive along one of the most beautiful coastal routes, or just hop on one of the several buses that start from the city’s center (check for a bus schedule online – they change seasonally). I wouldn’t suggest a private tour or a taxi because they tend to be unreasonably expensive.

Price Info:

  • Poseidon Temple Entrance Fee: 8euro/person (1/4-31/10) or 4-euro/person off-season. There are discounts for students and 65+ people. Ages under 18 enter for free!
  • Bus Ticket: depending on your starting point, a one-way ticket won’t cost you more than 9euro/person.

You saw the pictures, you got the info and now you know that all this comes at a small cost. So, don’t hesitate. If you go to Athens then you have to go to Cape Sounio, no question!


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