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During my time in Serbia, I have come across many weird and interesting things that happen only here! It’s one of the things that fascinates me about traveling.. You get to know different cultures and learn things books and magazines don’t tell you. Serbian culture is quite similar to Greek, yet the following 9 facts have a Serbian trademark!



  1. “Rakija” (lethal Serbian brandy) is a medicine for everything. Headache, stomachache, cold, allergies, pimples, backache – name it, Rakija cures it.
  2. “Promaja” (draft) is Serbian people’s worst enemy. Don’t you dare leave a door and a window open at the same time. And of course, do not sit by the open window. It’s safer to play with fire. PS: Once you decide to wash your hair, wait 3 days before even thinking of going out!piglet-1326946_960_720
  3. You know how we say that the lion is the king of the animal kingdom, right? Well, in Serbia, that’s not the deal. The large, hairy pussycat, has been replaced by the big and powerful PIG! Pig is worshiped in Serbian cuisine and consumed in (very) large quantities yearly, hence the king title. Sorry Mufasa. “Until I try a lion, the pig is the king of all animals to me” as a Serb would say.
  4. Peugeot is more popular in Serbia than it is in France. Don’t ask me how.. seriously! Also Mercedes is the equivalent of a Ferrari.wave-849270_960_720
  5. “Paralia” is the most popular place in Greece, for Serbs. Most Greeks might have never been there, because we hit the islands mostly but… thanks I guess, for your preference!! <3
  6. Water + Začin C = Soup. Začin C is a condiment, which is a mixture of salt with flavor enhancers and dried veggies (but mostly salt to be honest) of yellow color. Well, leave it to a Serb to mix it with boiling water and some thin noodles and your soup is ready in 30seconds.
  7. If the meal doesn’t include meat, you just haven’t eaten properly. As a “Srpska Snajka” (aka Serbian Bride), I learned that the hard way when I cooked a meatless lunch on a non-fasting day.ham-769627_960_720
  8. Bacon from Mangalica pig (a special Hungarian breed) is ideal for cancer patients according to Serbs. I have read some recent studies online that claim Mangalica meat could provide protection against some forms of cancer yet… bacon? Seriously? I mean.. BACON??
  9. Quack doctors. That is seriously a major issue and the worst part is that people go to them knowing that they have no medical degree. Most commonly they have a picture of a saint or Holy Mary in their wall, saying that she gave them the knowledge and qualifications. Also, it’s very common to pass this “knowledge” from generation to generation!! So there might be 3 generations of ignorant pretenders that give “professional” advice or “cure” diseases in the name of Jesus. They don’t have a pricelist and you leave as much money as you please. Terrifying!

Have you ever heard of something similar? Do you have funny/weird/dangerous facts to share about other cultures? Send me an email or leave a comment! I’d love to hear about it.


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