Mykonos… an island I’ve been to 15 times and can never seem to outgrow. If you find the title “princess” a bit too much, then you haven’t seen Mykonos the proper way. There is a misconception that the island is only good for wild parties and gay tourism and even if the two are undeniable facts, there’s no way it’s just that.


Blue and White Element 

This is a characteristic of all the islands of Cyclades and Mykonos is no different. The minimal clear lines and the blue and white colors, decorate the exterior of most buildings. It is a dream for the eyes and mirrors our blue skies and bluest seas. You’ll love it, your Instagram will love it – I’ll say it again: it is a feast for the eyes.


Amazing Beaches

The sceneries are out of this world. There are so many magical beaches to choose from!! Let me tell you which ones are my favorites and why.  Let’s see if you’ll agree!

  1. Super Paradise – it is a legendary beach surrounded by a breathtaking landscape! The water is crystal clear turquoise/blue and the parties there are epic. You can pick any of the two popular beach bars and spend a full day there! Make sure you put on sunscreen regularly!
  2. Agios Sostis – it became famous as a nudist and hipster beach, but even if you aren’t, you shouldn’t skip visiting it. It’s an unspoiled, un-organized beach, without the beach bars and drunk crowds. It’s just you surrounded by the beautiful nature.
  3. Paraga – lightly shingle shore meets light blue water and Paraga beach is what it is. Nice beach bars, good food, calmer than Super Paradise, a good pick for a couple that wants to party but not to take it too far!
  4. Elia – Quiet, organized, gay friendly, this beautiful sandy beach is ideal for families and couples that seek a relaxing time on the beach, but also comfort and amenities (unlike Agios Sostis).
  5. Psarou – the poshest and most expensive of them all – this beach attracts every celebrity! From Alessandra Ambosio to Giorgio Armani to Maria Menounos and plenty other local and international celebs. Be prepared to spend a small fortune in order to blend in! Nammos is the place you are looking for.


Epic Parties

At the beach, at the club, daytime, nightime – all day long. You can basically party almost 24/7. Jackie O, Guzel and Cavo Paradiso are 3 of the most popular places and you can start at 10PM and leave at 10 in the morning if you visit them exactly in the written order! LOL! There are also plenty of beach bars to start (or continue) the party in the morning. Generally, a party animal’s paradise is what Mykonos is. The pictures online speak for themselves.


A Shopper’s Paradise

You can find any brand you can possibly imagine! Just name it, it’s there. There are some brands sold only in Mykonos! Even in Louis Vuitton, from all the boutiques in Greece, there are some specific items that you can find only in the Myconian store – the kinkier and more daring ones 😉 If you have the shopping bug and manage not to buy a single thing in Mykonos, I’ll publicly congratulate you and you’ll be my new role model. Careful though…Temptation is everywhere!!!


Taboo Free

My favorite part. In Mykonos no one cares about stupid stereotypes. There is no racism. There are no taboos! Gay couples can freely hold hands and be affectionate. Nobody will judge! You can dress up however you like! Your nationality or color play no role when in Mykonos. This island welcomes everyone with a nice smile and a positive attitude!



  • Catari – Traditional Italian Trattoria
  • Bakalo – Fine Greek Restaurant
  • Oregano – Gyros, Cooked Meals, Affordable Prices
  • Ostraco – Organic Restaurant & Cocktail Bar



  • Livin– small boutique hotel ideal for couples
  • Belvedere – the most luxurious hotel in Mykonos
  • Markos Beach Hotel – clean, affordable rooms, within close proximity to the center


Nikoza Loves:

  • Nassos Hairesort – boutique hair saloon adored by all celebs and me of course! Enter once, you’ll keep coming back forever.
  • Ostria Boutique – a men’s boutique (that didn’t stop me from buying some t-shirts!) with beautiful pieces for him but also nice unisex accessories for both.
  • LaLaLa – a brand new champagne wine bar, with de-lish cocktails and well prepared snacks for sharing!


There you have it, as always an honest guide for all tastes and pockets. If you haven’t visited Mykonos yet, you should; sooner rather than later!



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