Men always accuse us (or at least all the men in my life do) of carrying more than we actually need everytime we go somewhere. The funny part is that they are the ones that usually ask for the craziest things at random times and get mad if by any chance we forget something. I’m talking about you, ALEX. :p

So to make your life easier (and that goes for my male readers too…. PACK the darn bag once…), here’s the list with the essentials everyone needs to have in their beach bag.


  1. Face and body sun cream – no need to explain why.
  2. Water  – it’s good to stay hydrated
  3. Extra swimwear – in case of an emergency i.e: you have to leave accidentally so you won’t wet the car seat. It’s always good to have a spare.
  4. Beach towel – oh, well…
  5. Sunglasses and their case – sunglasses because duh.. and their case not only to put them in, but also to use as storage for spare change, money, earrings or any other little thing you don’t want to lose.  
  6. Insect repellent – if you’re like me and stay at the beach until sunset, you’ll definitely need it because mosquitoes party at that time. Or they just love me – who knows.
  7. Hat – because we want to prevent getting sun stoke.
  8. Wet wipes – they’ll save the day so many times. Especially if you have kids.
  9. After bite gel – medusas, bees, mosquitoes, ants… no matter what might bite you, you’ll get a quick relief! My favorite is Fenistil Gel, because it’s also ideal for any kind of mild burn (including sunburn).
  10. Salty crackers – because when you get hungry, you’ll love the fact that you remembered. When Alex gets hungry and I surprise him with a little snack, he’ll give me a compliment saying “best wife ever”.
  11. After sun lotion – in case you stay longer in the sun, your skin will get sore. It’s always refreshing when you put on some after sun lotion (with aloe vera ideally), right after the beach.



Happy splish splash!



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