LANZAROTE – A Spontaneous Cheap Trip


So I recently had an urge to leave the country for a few days. Just to get away from everything and everyone, escape my everyday problems, get some rest and recuperation. I really needed a vacation and the feeling hit me so suddenly I wanted to jump out of my own skin. So, after a couple of hours of searching for last-minute vacation deals, I accidentally came across a super cheap flight deal – round trip plane tickets Budapest – Lanzarote for just 68 euros per person.


But… where the hell is Lanzarote? I’d never heard of the place, to be honest. Turns out Lanzarote is one of the Spanish Canary Islands. I immediately contacted a friend who had recently been to Tenerife only to find out, to my surprise, that tickets from Belgrade purchased months in advance can’t be found for less than 400 euros round trip. I was sold!


I quickly checked Airbnb for accommodation, looked for car rentals online, and researched things to do and see on the island. To my surprise, I was able to find a room, book a car, reserve a van to Budapest and back, and get time off from work, all in one day! The next morning, I booked the trip and everything was ready, I was leaving in just 4 days!  And the best part? It wasn’t costing me a fortune! In fact, it was cheaper than I had anticipated.


NOTE #1:

The plane tickets ended up costing more than the initial 68-euro price because of Wizz Air’s baggage policy. With the additional luggage add-on, the tickets went up to 120 euros per person.

The AirBnB I reserved came out to 211 euros for the two of us, though I could have chosen a cheaper room, but insisted on a place located close to the beach and further south on the island where I intended on spending most time during the 7 days in Lanzarote.


The room was AWESOME – huge, with an amazing bathroom in a beautiful and spacious Spanish villa!
Our host was a lovely Swedish lady we plan on visiting again in the near future. She was so kind and welcoming! 🙂

Car Rental: I rented a car online, to be picked up and returned at the airport, for just 37 euros for 7 days! We added the optional full coverage insurance for another 60 euros.


Finally, 50 euros per person round trip for a van ride to the Budapest airport with door-to-door service. All together – 648 euros for two! That’s 324 euros per person for the full 7-day package!

I can’t even find the words to explain how much I LOVE last minute travel. The excitement and spontaneity of suddenly packing your bags is enough to get anyone’s adrenaline rushing, but when it’s for a destination you’d previously never even heard of – the exhilaration, enthusiasm, and anticipation comes at a much faster rate, on a much higher level.


I live for that type of excitement, I swear. And when you’re able to do it for a fraction of the price of a vacation planned in advance, it makes the whole experience that much sweeter.


Travel can be affordable, even to distant places. If you put in the time and effort to be your own travel agent, you can really find some great deals and take a much-needed vacation without burning a hole in your wallet.  Kayak and Kiwi are my go to websites for last minute deals, and if you’re in Serbia then you need to check the Facebook page Putujuca Zaba for the latest discounts on low-cost airfare.


NOTE #2:

It turns out the Wizz Air flights from Budapest to Lanzarote are frequently discounted, and since they are scheduled only on Wednesdays, I truly recommend being on the lookout for a cheap fair through Wizz Air and planning a 7 or 14-day getaway to this beautiful island the first chance you get.


I’ll discuss the island itself in Part Two, so stay tuned… 🙂  Great pictures and input coming up very soon!!


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