Business owners and entrepreneurs are focused on one thing: making money through the sales of their products or services. But we all know that in order for people to buy your product or service, they need to hear about it first. The more people that hear about your product or service, the more chances you have of generating new leads. Social media is an amazing platform for marketing and a dream for business owners because it’s free. It’s free to create a Facebook page or Instagram account and, in just a few minutes of creating one, you have the potential to connect with a billion other users from around the world.


And the race begins to post original and viral content. To get more followers. To get more likes. Because more likes and more followers mean more sales, right? Wrong. Before I continue, let’s take Coca-Cola, the beverage company, as an example. 105 MILLION+ likes on their main Facebook page and I’m sure a few million more if you check their other profiles. And what does Coca-Cola have to say about it? “No boost in sales from online activity.” No impact on sales. No relationship between online conversations and short-term sales. Let that sink in for a minute. Yes, discouraging to hear, but totally valid. In the same way that marketing is not the same as sales, having a huge following on Twitter, Instagram or any other platform doesn’t mean that you’re automatically going to see an increase in sales for your products or services.


That is why, when you, as a business owner, finally decide to hire a social media manager, you need to remember that you are not hiring a sales person. You have not found a magical distributor that, by them hitting the “publish” button, users will flock to your website and your products will be seen on the shelves of a local retailer next month.


It pains me to hear business owners or brands say that they’ve hired a social media manager but they aren’t seeing a bump in sales. That’s not exactly how it works and you’re heading down a slippery slope of frustration for both parties if you think you hired someone for one thing and they’re executing for something very different. I can tell you that if you hired a good social media manager for your business pages, your accounts should look excellent. You should be posting more consistently. You should be sharing valuable and relevant content to attract an audience. Holding contests to increase your organic reach, exposure, and clicks to your website. Your followers are growing and engaging. And somehow… you also gained an extra 15-20 hours a week of your time. You hired someone to take over yet another aspect of doing business: marketing. And a very time-consuming aspect of doing business today: social media marketing. The reason why you should have hired them is that you need to focus on the real, money-making aspects of your business. Sales. Making connections. Collaborations. Or whatever the primary activities are in your business that makes you money. Not hashtag research. Not graphic creation. Not curating and scheduling content. That is the job of social media managers.

But my followers are growing… those are leads and opportunities

Yes they are. So… do you have a sales funnel set up? Is there a clear call-to-action on your landing pages? Are your followers signed up to your mailing list? Do you have someone that creates offers or free trials for your followers who will be able to see them if you run a Facebook ad? Are you tracking conversion rates? Maybe it’s getting clearer that it doesn’t all fall on the shoulders of your social media manager. Your social media manager will grow your numbers and maintain your accounts through the best practices known for managing a social media account and what you, business owner, actually do with those numbers are what will lead you to more sales.


Maybe You Need a Travel Blogger Instead

Although this is the ultimate goal, travel blogging isn’t all about enjoying an ice-cold Pina Colada on a white-sandy beach in an exotic destination somewhere in Bali free of charge. A blogger that’s serious about their profession and considers it their full-time job actually spends most of their hours in non-glamourous conditions – in front of a laptop, alone, in their home office researching, planning, writing, editing, pitching, emailing, creating campaigns, networking and engaging on multiple online platforms with prospective clients, business owners, readers, and fans. While others are on social media to check out what their friends are doing, travel bloggers are on social media for information and opportunities to grow their business. It is a business and as with most businesses, requires long hours of unpaid work, time away from their family, and no weekends or holidays off.


If you’re looking to increase your sales, blogs and online magazines are the modern forms of advertising for your business and services. Consequently, newspaper and magazine subscriptions are at an all-time low because when people want information today, they turn to the Internet. If they want to travel, they search on Google, read reviews on TripAdvisor, look for hotels on, browse through Lonely Planet and turn to their favorite Travel Blogs. Travel blogging is the main way a hotel, restaurant, and other travel-related businesses get their name out there on the Internet and promoted on social media. Since a blogger already has a loyal following that trusts what they write about, promoting your business through a blog means you’ll automatically have access to that unique audience and the possibility of having posts about your business shared dozens of time across different social media platforms. A reputable travel blog works hard to gain the trust of their audience by genuinely suggesting the best destinations, facilities, products, and services of other businesses. A well-kept travel blog will have eye catching visual content that their readers will enjoy browsing through and that will keep them coming back for future updates on the newest and hottest destinations out there.


Blogs For Your Business

Consider these ways to promote your business on a (travel) blog such as Nikoza:

  1. Advertising space on their website

Get in touch with a reputable blog and ask them about opportunities to place your business name and logo on their website. Your business name will have the opportunity to be seen by thousands of viewers per month.


  1. Shares on Social Media

Since a blogger already has a loyal following that they interact with frequently, you have the opportunity to reach that audience by offering the blogger a sample of your products or services. They can then promote your business directly to their audience. If you have a restaurant, there’s no better promotion than a professional photo taken with what looks like a delicious entrée, a caption and tag with your business name on it, shared to a travel blogger’s account with 10,000 Instagram followers.


  1. Sponsored Blog Posts

Approach a travel blogger or a blogger in your industry about writing a post about your business, your products, or services. An honest opinion or review on a reputable website is more persuasive than if a business talks about themselves. You can easily set up a deal with a blogger that includes a well-written blog post and shares on social media to promote your brand and business and give you maximum exposure.

Nikoza is a very selective travel blog with a rapidly growing audience that values its readers and followers. When we take the time to write about you, our followers know the information they’ll receive is high quality, trustworthy and genuine. In return, we’ve built a loyal community of people who trust and value the information they find on our travel blog. It should be noted that Nikoza doesn’t promote in exchange for monetary compensation only. We require that we receive a sample of your product or service and the opportunity to test it before writing about it and promoting it, whether it is travel-related or not.

Special thanks to Sarah, a Social Media marketeer from HitContinue for clearing the air! 




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