The angle and lighting helps show how dark my skin gets! That was the 3rd time I used the products!! PS: For the face I recommend SPF50 – you can always use darker make-up.

Dear summer lovers,

I have some great news for you! 🙂 This summer – and all future summers, you’ll be getting an awesome, deep and exotic tan, yummy as a chocolate! No kidding! With Bee Factor’s Beeswax cream or their Sun Oil – or ideally both – as your ally, you might get in trouble at the passport control!

I recently received both products and I’ve been hitting the beach way more often ever since! First of all, they are both 100% natural, ideal for the whole family, even for kids or pregnant ladies! They are made in Greece from a local manufacturer and are anti animal-testing! YIPEE!


Rich texture, SPF15, amazing coconut scent that reminds you of the best summer of your life, shiny & sexy skin effect, with great results from the very first day of application! It also blends very easily, even on wet skin so you don’t need to put a lot on. 😉
Extra points for the 100ml package which is ideal for those who travel with just their carry-on! *ME*

Deep & Fast Tan guaranteed! Just check out my pics!




Light texture, surprisingly non-sticky that actually dries almost instantly, leaving that sexy glow on your skin. Deep hydration and SPF15 for the win! 150ml of pure, organic ingredients.

Are you confused? So was I! That’s why I got both! Oh, and the packaging was so beautiful! Wrapped in black and white paper and a beautiful “thank you” note! I felt like a kid in a candy store!


***Bee Factor ships their products worldwide!!***



More Info:


If you know me, you’ll know that I’m always looking for new, non-commercial products! When I do find them, I want to make sure that they are great value for money, so I do my research! Here’s what I found about Bee Factor:

  1. Aliki, the founder and the face behind Bee Factor e-shop and the Concept Store, is a yogi, animal lover and a proud mama living in Trikala, Greece with her better half.
  2. She makes each and every product herself and even creates custom orders if someone would like to BYO (Build Your Own) pretty package.
  3. She uses wax, honey and all the other bee products from her husband’s bee farm.
  4. Everything is 100% natural, cruelty-free made with love and “meraki”.

If anything, I’m all for women empowerment and I would rather support a local business than a massive production company. Local businesses are the core of each country! And when the products are so great… SOLD!


Visit beefactor.gr



This is my genuine opinion. I haven’t received money for this post. I never publish reviews of products I don’t like or that fail to give the promised results. 100% legit.




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