Exciting times! I’m currently renovating my father’s old office and I’ll be using it as a love-nest for Nikoza and a place for inspiration! Whoo-hoo!!



I have a passion for interior design and décor and I just love shopping for furniture and accessories. I could also leave that sentence at “I love shopping”, but what the hell.
So back to the office! Since my blog is focused on travel, the theme has to also be travel related! To my surprise, there are so many great options out there that can be shipped right to your doorstep, plus so many great, inspiring details in the market to choose from. On the other hand, it shouldn’t surprise me much, since travel is one of the most Google searched words on the planet.


So without further ado, I’m gonna show you some of the best things I found out there, in the huge market called the Internet:

ph. credit:

ph. credit:

– Scratch off World map

This is not just any map. It’s a map where you get to scratch off all the countries you have visited! How cute is that? It makes you feel like a kid again. (To get one, click here.)




For any person obsessed with traveling, it goes without saying that they should have at least one globe in their office! Take it a step further by getting this levitating world map globe from the amazing backpackeronthemove.combridge-1835647_960_720

-Travel Themed Wallpaper

Whether it’s the Brooklyn Bridge, London’s Big Ben or Hong Kong by night, a wallpaper with a location based or travel theme gives any space a special identity. Rebel Walls website has some great options! (shop my favorite here)

ph. credit:

ph. credit:

-Themed Cushion Pillows

Cute, little, vintage, and travel themed pillows can turn any cold corner into a cozy inspirational one. My favorite is again from the 🙂 (find it here)

table-2589083_960_720-Posters with quotes

Find your favorite travel quotes, type them in your laptop in your desired font and color, print and frame them and Voila! Your personalized mood board is ready! You can also buy them directly from here.


source: pinterest

-Banana Tree

Is it just me that’s obsessed with this plant more than anything? I think it has an unknown magical power that makes me daydream about travel and forces my mind to wander to far off places. They are quite popular but don’t expect a home delivery– go to your nearby garden shop and get one asap!


If you are in the process of creating a travel themed space, send me your ideas and updates on your progress; I would love to get some more inspiration! Happy renovations!


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