Traveling is something we all do at least once in our lives but to travel means something different to everyone. Each one of us perceives travel in a special way and has his/her own reasons for why they do it.


I, for example, travel to stay sane and alive. I travel in order to feel free. I travel for life to make sense. I travel to face my fears. To find myself. I couldn’t possibly imagine giving up traveling. Learning about new cultures, and seeing new places or revisiting familiar ones makes me more happy than even a brand new Chanel bag.


But the beauty of humanity is that not everyone thinks the same or acts the same so here’s what other people have to say about what travel means to them.


“To me, traveling is about opening our minds to other cultures and other people. In the end, it teaches us to not be afraid of the unknown and be more tolerant and kind to one another. And of course it allows us to escape our daily lives and enrich our own culture.”


Paris, France

29 years old

Community Manager/Translator


“Traveling is freedom, losing ties to everyday life, new decisions, new places, and new people. It is what makes me smile, it is what I plan and wait for. In fact, it is how I recharge.”



Belgrade, Serbia


39 years old



“To me, traveling means exploring, adventure and excitement. I love to travel because it gives me a chance to see different places especially those with rich history or culture. There are so many beautiful places I would love to see like Egypt and other countries in Africa, exotic islands like Bora Bora or the Maldives, more places in Europe and the list goes on.”

Kasia – born in Poland but lives in Canada, a lady never tells her age ;), savvy digital marketer, writer, blogger at The Savvy Dreamer lifestyle blog



“New ideas, horizons expanding, new cultures, happiness…”



Kotor, Montenegro

30years old

IT who works as a Hotel Manager



“It means vacation time spent enjoying the culture, climate and lifestyle of a place far from here.  It means enjoyment and time spent with someone I care about. It is a time to enjoy life.”

Lisa from Canada

Yoga teacher/retired dental hygienist

36 years old


“Traveling means fun, exploration and discovery. It is going to the unknown, breathing new air, cherishing new places and meeting new people. It is a good way to discover oneself and the world full of surprises.”


Name – Abhinav

Origin – India

Age – 33

Occupation – Banker


“I travel for happiness. I travel for the moments. I travel to print my memories in photos.”


Athens, Greece

36 yo

Restorer of artwork


“Traveling to me is finding the best bargain I can that will take me as far as I can go. It’s creating memories in new and amazing places with people that mean the world to me. Finally, travelling is making the decision to go to a place I never thought I’d want to, based on the new experiences I will have.”



Luanshya, Zambia

24 years old

Sales and marketing executive



“Experience, travel – these are as education in themselves.”


Ancient Greek Writer

480 BC – 406 BC


“To me, traveling is about eagerly leaving your comfort zone to explore the world we live in. It’s about experiencing a different culture, history, a different cuisine and different way of life. And accepting the challenges and adventures that come with it. To me, it means not caring where you go, just wanting to go.”

Sarah, New York/USA, 32, Digital Marketer


“Traveling means adventure, excitement, experience, and memories. It’s a way to checkout from this daily routine we call life and check in to a new different world every single day. Traveling means meeting new people, knowing their life tales and making new friends.”

Sonali, 26, from Jaipur, India, school teacher and psychology student too.

“Discovering places that don’t belong to, and are unknown to you, making them yours and loving them is travel. It’s all about trying new experiences, tasting various cuisines, capturing sunrises and sunsets, and making new friends. To travel the world, absolutely means the world to me.”


Mumbai, India

32 years old

Digital marketing strategist


What does traveling mean to YOU? I would love to know! Leave a comment below! 🙂


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