Are you excited about the upcoming trip to Egypt you just booked tickets for?? You should be! A memorable time is guaranteed, no matter which city you chose to visit or what activities you’ve planned to do. Careful though, don’t get too excited that you forget to bring or buy these MUST HAVE essentials. I guarantee that you will need these, 100%. Keep scrolling, bookmark this list, and you’ll be prepared for just about anything.



  1. Bottled water
    Unless you are Egyptian and used to the water and the microorganisms it contains, avoid tap water at all costs. Instead, carry a nice bottle of water in your bag at all times.


  2. Anti-mosquito stick
    I cannot emphasize enough how much you are going to need this and how jealous my co-travelers were that I had my Bee Factor Anti-Mosquito stick with me. Oh yes, this is the one I recommend, hands down. Not only is it a repellent, but it also works as a soother after you’ve been bit. (That is in case you forget to put it before – otherwise, with this on, no mosquito will think to come near you, even while on a cruise on the river Nile). Ideal for the whole family as it is 100% natural – apply freely!
  3. Wet Napkins
    This is probably the best man-made creation after Wi-Fi. You’ll find 100+ uses for a wet napkin and it will probably be the item you’ll be using the most. Buy several small packs, throw one in every pocket and you’re good to go.


  4. Paper tissue
    Since toilet paper is a luxury in most public places and even in most cafes and restaurants, paper tissue is sure to come in handy.


  5. Suncream (face&body)
    If you plan on visiting the Pyramids or doing quad bike rides or any other activity in the desert, do apply some sun cream. Make sure it has a minimum of 20SPF. Not only will it protect you from getting sunburnt, but it will also keep your skin moisturized.


  6. Scarf/hat
    Especially if you are a woman, do have a scarf in your bag at all times. In order to visit a mosque, you need to be wearing one and it’ll be better if you had your own, instead of the ones they give you at the entrances which have been worn repeatedly by hundreds of visitors. While in Giza, I also found it really useful as protection from the sun and at night as a shawl to keep me warm!


  7. Probiotics
    You can find these good bacteria in supplement bottles from any pharmacy and they are the best things you can get to keep your bowels happy! LOL! Not a very attractive way to close the post, but definitely a great thing to have so you have a fantastic time that will not be ruined by diarrhea or even worse… the exact opposite!


Now that I’ve got you covered, all that’s left to say is “Have a safe trip”!


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