Oh boy! How much I’ve missed this! And by this, I mean writing in my blog and communicating with you guys. It feels like it’s been ages when it’s actually just been a couple of weeks.

I just got back from Thailand, with yet another case of food poisoning, so even though I’m recovering at home with daily infusions and a handful of pills every 8hrs, I can’t stop smiling – I am back!!


It’s the first trip I’ve ever taken in my life where I just wanted it to end sooner, which is strange because the last 5 days were absolutely amazing. I will tell you more details soon, once I transfer, file, separate and edit the hundreds of pics I took for you.

By the way, I flew with SCOOT, Singapore Air’s little sister, and for the 9 nights I spent in Phuket, I had just a carry-on with me. Oh yes! It was my first long distance budget trip and I wanted to see how I’d manage to pull through. Turns out it was easier than I had imagined. The flight was absolutely fantastic, especially on our way back. Big bravo to the SCOOT pilots! Also the flight attendants were very cool, cheerful and polite and, since I was sick, they checked on me regularly and brought me hot lemon water on the house. 😛


So yea, Scoot is Nikoza-approved and I would definitely use them again. But not really soon since I’m not planning a trip to Asia in the near future. I think I’ll just stay on my favorite continent, Europe. There’s still so much to explore right in my own backyard – I’ll probably visit Italy, England, Serbia and maybe my friends in Kotor once more.


Also, I’m starting a new chapter in my life and you’ll find out more details soon!

Now, stay tuned for more posts, ugly truths, incredible photos and always honest opinions – you’ll get plenty of that starting this week!

I cannot wait to share everything with you guys!

Big kiss, X.


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