Christmas and shopping for our loved ones is almost one and the same. And don’t take that the wrong way – I’m not a material girl. Or am I?!

Well, a gift doesn’t have to be something materialistic. It can be anything, a small or big gesture that shows your people that you love them and you think of them in these special and holy days. It can be a surprise trip back home if you live abroad, a special homemade dinner, or spending quality time laughing, playing board games and bonding with your children if you are a busy working parent. Christmas is all about TLC (Tender Love & Care).


But if you can afford it and want to do something a little extra, I have some really nice ideas for you that won’t break the bank and will surely be appreciated if you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet:


1) Tickets to a show (ballet, theatre, act on ice)

This gift is probably one of the best one could do for me since I love a nice play. Ah, imagine if Andrea Bocelli was in town and Alex surprised me with tickets to watch him perform live!!! I got chills while typing this. It’s a great gift for 2 reasons and, apart from the obvious, you also get to go there with your loved one(s) and spend quality time together.

Suggestions for my Athens based friends:

– The Nutcracker by Yuri Grigorovich – The Concert Hall (Megaro Mousikis) – 20-30 Dec

– Russian Circus on Ice – Tae Kwon Do Faliro – 20-23 Dec

– Madame Sousou – Pallas Theatre – 20Dec-20Jan


2) Scented Candles

Christmas is about smells. The smell of cinnamon, the smell of gingerbread, the smell of sugar cookies! You can make these smells last longer by gifting a scented candle to your special ones.

My favorite brands:


>Zara Home

>H&M Home

>Yankee Candle 24796728_1496884240431412_2615113955806432942_n

3) Beeswax Creams & Balsams

I mention them every time I get a chance and as you probably know, Bee Factor is my favorite online shop (I haven’t been yet to the actual Concept Store). I’m obsessed with organic and natural products and I try to encourage my friends and family to buy and use them more which is why I got 70% of my gifts from there!

Also for 3 more reasons:

^They smell amazing

^They are cost effective

^They are great for your skin especially during winter

Next day delivery anywhere in Greece


4) A Nice Book

Because who doesn’t love a good story? It’s a bit more personal because you have to know what the receiver likes to read! For example, I know my mum well and I got her a forbidden love plot romance book –I swear she’ll read it in a day. If you want to play it safe, there are also the classics we all know and love like “A Christmas Carol”, “The Night Before Christmas” or “The Little Match Girl”. Plus hot cocoa, books and Christmas kinda go together, no?


5) A pair of socks

Yes, you heard that right! Do you know anyone who doesn’t love being in a cute pair of socks watching a movie by the fireplace? Even without the fireplace, socks are cute, keep you warm, and they can make your day if they have a playful and festive theme!


Have a Merry Christmas everybody and don’t forget: the most valuable gift you can give to someone is your time. Spend time with your family and dear friends because they are the only ones who matter. Don’t break the bank out of guilt – Christmas is about LOVE not about money.


Happy holidays!


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