I’m such a sucker for Christmas and that is not a secret! I had my tree up and decorated since late November and I started watching festive movies… I’m ashamed to even tell you since when. It’s very hard for me to accept that it is over and we have 360+ days to go before we celebrate it again so… I have to take action!


Well, in order to make Christmas last longer, you gotta do what you gotta do. You need to start early and keep the spirit alive for as long as you can. In my case, that means mid January because thanks to the Old Calendar, my husband celebrates the Serbian Xmas (7th Jan) and rings in the New Year on (13th Jan) and I get to keep my tree up longer. Hooray!


But if you don’t have a Serbian husband and want to avoid those weird looks from your neighbors and friends because you have your tree up until February, you can choose to watch some lovely Christmas themed movies all year long!


Movies like…


  1. Love Actually – Who doesn’t love a little Christmas drama to make our own families seem normal? Some say it’s overrated but never to my face… well. Try me.
  2. The Holiday – A lovely story for grown ups, especially those who relate to travel, with a nice cast.
  3. The Polar Express – Animated movies are my favorite and when they involve trains, elves and Santa himself count me very in!polar-express-1916376_960_720
  4. A Christmas Carol – My all time favorite, the story by Charles Dickens, we all grew to love, but this time – with Jim Carrey. Even if, again, I find the original much better.
  5. Home Alone (all of them) – The fun classic that everyone loves. You know it’s Christmas when the radio starts playing Wham and the TV starts airing Home Alone for days!
  6. Miracle on 34th Street – There are two versions and the answer is simple: Go for the vintage one. This heartwarming story will make you remember what it was like to believe in something.vintage-1705170_960_720
  7. Bad Santa – Like every decent comedy, this one will make you laugh and has a nice underlying message.
  8. It’s a Wonderful Life – One of the best and one that we can all ponder about – what would life be like if you didn’t exist? Spreading joyful tears since 1946. A must see for Christmas suckers like me.


You can also celebrate everything that Christmas is about no matter what month or season it is: love, joy, honesty, friendship, and family. Christmas is inside of us all and as a hopeless romantic; I choose to live in Christmas fever all year long.



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