For most newlyweds, if it’s not an exotic destination, it is definitely Europe but the million-dollar question is “where to”? Without further ado, here are my suggestions for the places ideal for different pocket sizes and tastes. I am 100% sure that you’ll find at least one out of these ten that match your desires!


  1. Santorini
    Synonymous with the word romance, each year more and more people are choosing this gorgeous, scenic island for their honeymoon trip! Santorini, if you can afford it, should definitely be on the top of your list because it has absolutely everything to make your honeymoon memorable and enjoyable: the charm, the Mediterranean tastes, the luxury, the romance, the views, the Aegean Sea, the volcano, the cute little streets and shops. It’s a win from every aspect.volpaia-2268148_960_720
  2. Tuscany
    Tuscany is my favorite Italian region and the one that satisfies my palate more than any other does. Rent a charming country Villa in Chianti, ride horses in the endless fields, go on a gastronomical tour and wine tasting and feel like a lord from the old times in this magical area. Florence is also located in Tuscany, which builds an even stronger argument in favor of Tuscany.village-1988313_960_720
  3. Malta
    This little island-country is one of the most underrated and I cannot find a good reason why. I think it’s one of the prettiest countries in Europe with its abundance of great architecture, history, beaches and landscapes. Malta is also a food heaven with some excellent restaurants that promise to give you unforgettable culinary experiences.architecture-1852928_960_720
  4. Paris
    The city of love, lights and romance. How could I leave it outside this list? The Parisian finesse, the little patisseries, the world’s best champagne and some of the greatest hotels are just a few of the assets the French capital retains that makes it a strong candidate for a honeymoon destination.Optimized-kotor (1 of 7)
  5. Kotor
    The little known Montenegrin castle town is absolutely gorgeous! It is an ideal destination for those who don’t want to splurge but who also don’t want to hold back on delights either. Kotor holds a special place in my heart and it’s a pretty good base to explore Montenegro and all its tremendous beauty.porto-1972450_960_720
  6. Porto
    Humbler than Lisbon yet equally enchanting, this Portuguese gem is quite a charmer. Where one of the world’s most renowned wines meets UNESCO heritage sites and where sumptuous baroque architecture meets colorful coastal houses…it’s where you’ll fall in love with Porto.nice-1818378_960_720
  7. Nice
    I picked Nice for my honeymoon (one part of it) and I really adored this French beauty. Much better than Monte Carlo yet less than an hour car ride away. Much bigger than Cannes yet close enough so you can enjoy both. Nice is the best on the French Riviera and the most “normal” place to have as a base. Amazing shopping, great vintage shops, easy to navigate, great food and very picturesque – I would return any time!Mykonos
  8. Mykonos
    If you want your honeymoon to be anything but low key, Mykonos is the place you want to be. Amazing hotel suites, the best beaches (100 times better than any destination mentioned above), incredible parties and nightlife and definitely overpriced, but well worth it. This Greek island is incomparable to any other destination in the world and no matter what arguments you find to deny this, there is none that can remove its title: The Cycladic Princess.cinque-terre-2932111_960_720
  9. Cinque Terre
    You have most definitely seen this colorful part of Liguria, the amazing coastal Italian region. Staying in any of the 5 villages this area consists of can be pretty expensive but oh-so-picturesque and honeymoon-worthy! And the views… ah, the views!the-town-of-izola-2672408_960_720
  10. Izola
    A little known Slovenian town with impeccable beauty! Enjoy a combination of Balkan and European culture, endless strolls in its little alleys, reminiscent feelings of medieval times, and views of the sea. A sea that is not so perfect for swimming, but hey… You can’t have it all! Oh, I almost forgot! You can arrange a day trip to Venice, which is just across the sea!

Now, where would you go?


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