After receiving a lot of heat on my latest post (read here), I decided to address how I feel about all the haters out there. I have done my homework and after researching the posts in several groups I’m in, I realized that you’ll receive a bashing for almost anything. Seriously, the list is endless. Take a look:

People hate because you are…


  • Speaking your mind

    • Saying you hate a food just because they like it
    • Disliking a city/country
      i.e. I absolutely hated Bucharest, Romania and people sent me threatening emails because I dared to say it.

  • Using a pad or tampon instead of a diva cup
    Oh yes. It’s the new thing now. We are creating so much waste because we use pads.. so we should all embrace the disgusting diva cup.
  • Feeding a stray instead of a person
    When there are so many children that are hungry.
  • Feeding a person instead of a stray
    When there are so many organizations that provide for human hunger but not animal hunger.
  • Showing skin
  • Not showing skin
  • Getting married
    God forbid there is a law against gay marriage in your country and you decide to get married because you are straight. Shame on you.
  • Not getting married
    You have commitment issues and you need to see a doctor.
  • Shaving
    Why do you even bother? We want equality and we should all have hairy armpits.
  • Not shaving
    What? You are disgusting.
  • Breastfeeding
    How dare you? We don’t wanna see your boobs.
  • Formula feeding
    How dare you? What kind of mother are you?
  • Having a C-section
    A good Jewish woman would never do that. Why on earth would you choose how to give birth?
  • Using Epidural
    What? You should experience the pain and not allow chemicals close to your fetus that will from now on live inside a sterilized bubble.
  • Eating meat
    You murderer.
  • Eating plants
    You weirdo.
  • Spending your own money . YOUR OWN HARD EARNED MONEY.
    Jen Aniston of all people got shamed for owning a $20 million villa. I got shamed because I booked a 5* hotel whereas I can book a 3* and pay less.
  • Being religious
  • Being non religious
  • Being racist
  • Not being racist
    Because you are a hypocrite and because we all need A WALL.
  • Allowing your pet to come in contact with your baby
  • Having only 1 child
    Because 1 equals none.
  • Not having children
    What is your life purpose then?
  • Being a blogger
    It’s not even a job
  • Afford to travel
  • Disliking hostels
  • Sleeping with too many people
    You hoe.
  • Saving it for after marriage
    What are you, a puritan?
  • Driving an expensive car
    No matter how much money you have, if you drive a Ferrari, you are doing it wrong. Prius is the answer.
  • Being successful
    You are not that special, anyone could be you.
  • Being YOUNG and successful
    OK, you either slept with too many people or with the right few. Pick one.
  • Coming from a rich family
    No matter what you do and how successful or educated you become, that will always define you. You got it all easy.


I can keep going but I’m sure you get the picture.



I’m also pretty positive that most of you have been verbally bullied or judged at least once in your life for no particular reason and ended up thinking “but why?”.




It’s all about them.


Poor haters. You live by so many complicated rules and you don’t realize that those rules are very contradictory in most cases. I feel sorry for you. In fact, I pity you. Your only satisfaction is to cyber bully and correct anyone who doesn’t live up to your twisted standards.


I also want to thank you though and that is contradictory from my part. Because you have helped me achieve many goals. Did you know that the posts you hated the most are actually the ones that performed the best? Your hate helped me reach an audience I have never reached, without any promos or ads. Your hate brought me clients. Your hate inspired me to write more (even this very post).

So I’m not quite sure what I want you to do. Do I want you to stop hating because you are toxic, many people might take you seriously, and you’ll ruin their days or even lives with that petty attitude? Or do I want you to continue doing what you are doing because your sorry ass brings me money?


Well obviously I want you to…

No matter what I want, you need therapy. You need to stop acting like parasites and get a life. And do not think for a second that you have power. You are powerless. You can hate all you want but I love my skin, I love my life and people love me. My people. Your opinion does not matter and it never will. And the fact that you even feel important by bringing people down is plain pathetic!

So next time your cowardly selves think to leave hateful comments on one of my posts, next time you think that it’s a good idea to send me an email trashing me, next time you think to do it to anyone, whether it is a Hollywood celeb or a random person, think again. Take a look in the mirror and think if what you see makes you happy. I doubt it does.



It just hit me. Imagine how time and energy consuming it is to put all this effort into being negative every single day. Imagine how hard it must be to wake up every morning full of negativity and consumed by hate. Just imagine the struggle.

You wouldn’t talk to a person face to face that way, so why is it okay to do it online? Or do you also not respect someone’s opinion and lifestyle choices in person as well?



You are not to be bothered by hate. You have to understand that it is out of your control to satisfy every single person out there. You need to live your life by your own rules and do what makes you happy, as long as you are not harming anyone. Haters gonna hate – you do you.




  • Haha ! This was so bold and on point that it hit me right at the heart. You are so right. People take offence so easily, and it doesn’t even concern them most of the time. I don’t know why does someone need to judge someone based on their life choices. Every person is unique and you have full right to choose what you think is best for you.

  • Anita says:

    All will be much better if people will just start minding their business

  • Muhammad Ameen Sheikh says:

    OMG!!! Well written to the point….enjoyed reading your post and you are right Haters gonna Hate….they are probably hating your post right now haha!

  • Iva Ursano says:

    BOOM!!! Tell it like it is girrrrrrrrlll!!!! Love this post. xoxoxo

  • Karishma says:

    Take a total bow for writing this . Loved every bit of it … I’m sure they’re many people who r envying you for writing such a beautiful post. Remember whatever u do people will say something nasty if they want too. I just believe in one line … love me hate me … but don’t ignore me. The fact that they hate, means your still important. But what a post … love love love

  • Jennifer says:

    Ha, yes! Do what is best for you. And lol on the shaving. I’m always SO tempted to buck the whole thing, but I just can’t bring myself to it. Kudos, Nikoza! <3

  • Amiekay says:

    This is solid advice! I used to spend a lot of time stressing about what others thought of me! I got upset every time got offended by what I said. I wasn’t ashamed of who I am or what I was saying so if it upset them to let them be. I’m much happier. You do you!

    (That list of all the things people hate online though, priceless!)

  • You’ve hit the nail on the head with this post! Some people are going to hate for any and all reasons, unfortunately. But, don’t give up….. keep pushing yourself and doing what you thing is best and the right thing to do. Thank you for taking the bold step and speaking your mind!

  • Jonia says:

    I think people are going to be mad/hate on someone or something because they can. Mainly because social media allows them to and they are also unhappy with their life. Really great advice.

  • Enele Ogah says:

    Great advice you’ve got here!.
    Some people derive a lot of joy in just hating on people.
    It’s important not to let that usually get to you!

  • Nathan says:

    Great to see that you’re not letting all the hate and unpleasant comments affect you! There will always be other people saying unpleasant stuff, just don’t get too held up with them and you’ll be fine 🙂

  • Kelly Edgar says:

    Haha I enjoyed reading this, I also enjoy your posts as you are honest and raw. You are sharing YOUR experiences and YOUR ideas, people are reading your blog to find out about you, so I never understand why people can be so hateful. I just think that people get jealous or over think something. Try to ignore the bs and just surround yourself with positive energy.

  • sonali jain says:

    This is so true and on point, some really great advises for everyone 🙂 I bookmarked this for reading again later as this type of articles keeps the brain fresh ! Thanks for writing this NIKKI, LOved reading this!

  • Matt says:

    I can’t believe you wasted your time writing this piece of crap. Who are you? Why the hell should I care what you have to say anyway 😉

    But for reals. I feel this. No matter what you do in life people agree or disagree, which is fine and natural. But hate is different, I think it is a certain level of arrogance that they feel they are right and have to not only tell you you are wrong, but do it so viciously. Just accept you can’t please everyone and don’t let the haters bring you down. But you know that!

  • Tahnee says:

    Others people’s opinions are not my problem. That is my mantra at least. Plus im thick skinned. I also feel their is a right way to air your opinion. So I could say, you made some good points but I have found that any publicity is better than none. I happen to actually agree hate away baby share my post to everyone you know, tag them comment and get all your family to comment to. Sky rocket my performance numbers 😂😂😂

  • Premier says:

    Niki, thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

  • Adam says:

    Hey i just wanted to tell you that u r beautiful and no matter what haters say u r still the best i really really look up to u dab on them haters

  • OMG Niki WTF is a Diva cup!? LOOOOOOOL!

    I loved this post, gal you are so on point. Honestly I’ve always said it and i’ll say it again HATERS = narrow-minded people who have not experienced the world and have too much free time to do nothing with.

    The thing is people will always have something to say; but remember that when its hate, the problem is with them not you. Keep your chin up gal. Love you XXX

  • Monika says:

    This was fun to read! So true.

  • This is so true lol it doesnt matter what you do someone out there will have an opinion on it. Thanks for sharing, i got a good laugh out of some of your comments.

  • Maria says:

    There is a lot of people who are not happy with themselves and since they are not happy, they just want to spread their misery to others. Ignore the comments and live the way you want to live. You only live once.

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